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Issue with XYZ Calibration Cube

by Omnilog

Hi, everyone. I decided to print XYZ calibration cube. Please look the pictures link below and try to help with advice. I think may be the belt is problem but I'm not sure. This is happen only in small models. At the big models - over 20x20 I didn't notice substantial problem. Actually at the big models I can't see any problems, but I'm print mostly small models under 20x20 mm.
This cube is printed with ABS fillament With PLA result is the same.
Thank you in advanced.

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Extruder Heat Issues

by doeman123

I've been having issues with my printers extruder nozzle not maintaining heat during a print but it will preheat and maintain that heat until a print is started. It is a new printer.

extruder Help problem
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Not sure what is wrong

by Bc320

The other day something in my machine made a grinding noise and the hotend would not heat. I swapped it with the extra provided by the company with my machine. Since then the quality of all my prints has been crap. I am getting blobs, strings, gaps between layers, and still have a noise when the printer starts cold.
The noise is coming from the base of the unit. After a bit it goes away and the cooling fans on the hotend kick on.
I have tried the same settings and filament I was using with the old hotend with the new one and I am getting this. I have tried changing temps, speeds, retraction, everything else I can think of. I need help.

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Titan Extruder Bowden installation question

by Brock508

I purchased the Titan Extruder and motor from TriangleLabs on AliExpress and didn't notice when I ordered it that I was supposed to mention that I was installing it on an I3 Mega. I'm halfway into the install, along with a bunch of the other mods, and I'm stuck and hoping so done can help as i have searched and searched but can't find the answer. I am trying to install the Bowden feed tube and I have the pneumatic fitting that came from the stock Extruder and the small metal piece with the orange piece and black piece that came from TriangleLabs but I cannot find any instructions and the person at TriangleLabs does not speak very good English and I'm having a hell of a time trying to communicate with them. I found one kind of guide that showed a picture of the pneumatic fitting attached to that piece from the Titan but I have no idea if I'm missing something as I don't see any way they connect together because the threads are too big. I'm not even sure if I need that original piece or if I just stick the tube into the Titan some other way but I am dead in the water until I can figure it out. That you in advance for any help.

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