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Upgrades for i3 MEGA

by ABlondek

I see bits and bobs posts about someone wanting to upgrade their MEGA a certain way, but I wondered if we can compile a list of 'essential' and 'common' upgrades as a potential sticky near the firmware and hardware stickys, giving them an actual home rather than single dotted posts.

I have not upgraded anything on mine yet, maybe it could be worth posting the upgrade you have made, what it does and any guides you used.

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NOT an official Anycubic-operated forum; just customers discussing their machines.

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I3Mega Conversion

by Chalky123

Hi I am fairly new to 3d Printing have an I3 Mega which we are trying to convert to have the 300 X 300 Ultbase but are having
Trouble getting the correct Y carriage plate can anybody point me in the right direction where we can get one ,there are so many brands around
On Ali express
Cheers Ian

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Extruder tearing filament?

by swordgon

So this is a bit of an odd problem, but basically trying to describe the situation, the gear on the extruder seems to be grinding and tearing the filament as it passes up into the bowden tube, for lack of better words. I "think" (still very much a newbie, only been printing for about a month) it only seems to occur on large prints where multiple retractions happens it looks like; the first time it occurred it happened on an overnight print, so I didn't catch anything. But tonight I was able to catch it mid way through a print that was failing when I checked it, and the filament was moving up and down as if it were retracting, but wasn't advancing at all since it had almost tore through the filament so nothing was coming out on the hot end.

Looking at my spreadsheet of printer stats, this has only happened on larger prints where I disable combing in Cura (so no retractions occur), as last night I had a long print go through fine with combing on, and thinking about it both times it has failed was on longer prints with combing off so it could retract (due to flat surfaces on the print that I didn't want z scaring to show on due to leaked filament).

So I guess the question is, is this a slicer setting I can change in Cura to prevent this, or is this a mechanical problem with the extruder that I can fix? I've just been using the default Cura retraction settings (6.5mm retraction distance, 25mm/s retraction speed, 0.8mm minimum retraction distance, etc), and on small prints I've never had a problem with combing off, so that's probably why I haven't noticed this before, it seems to be the larger prints that have problems. I guess the obvious solution would be to leave combing on, but again I hate z-scaring, especially on prints I don't plan on painting, so would rather fix the problem and let it be able to retract when I want it to.

Any and all suggestions welcomed. Thanks!

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by GeckoSub

I took the liberty to move my post from the FIRMWARE section to its own thread here, as I am hoping we might get some good info here. Also, I think it's a good idea to separate 8bit and 32bit board issues.

First of all, this is about the Mega04 version with the 32bit controller, not the 8bit one! So, please don't post here about 8bit issues or solutions.

Second of all, a big thanks to 'bartolomeus', whom I think identified ChiTu as the company making the 32bit boards and to 'bkrzysiek' for veryfying that it is actually possible to make certain changes to the stock FW (V1.4)! And thanks to 'gminnick' for chipping in, too (their posts are still in the hardware and firmware sections).

The reason for being able to customize the stock firmware on the 32bit controller is that, as of now, that board can not run Marlin. (But that may change in the future as it seems there's a lot of work happening to make it work on 32bit boards).

But "luckily" ChiTu has opened a backdoor as there is a range of things that can be modified in their, otherwise closed, firmware. Supposedly in Marlin, to make FW changes you have to recompile and upload the full FW to the printer. But in the ChiTu FW system, you can upload single lines of G-gode and save them to the printer. The changes will be there after reboots of the machine.

This is good news indeed, as you can set stepper values, step direction, build volume settings, various temp settings, jerk/speed/acceleration settings, thermistor type, Z-height offset, end stop types, etc.
But hold your horses... With the limited documentation we still have, it seems there's still some stuff we can't do this way. E.g. it seems we can't define pins. Also, it seems we can't set the preheating temps for the two different filament options - maybe somehow that is tied to the TFT user interface which is run by separate commands?

But the good news for me is that, at least, I can change the stepper direction and values for my upcoming Titan extruder mod which is what sparked this whole investigation for me in the first place.

Now, on to the documentation:
Here's a link to a text file 'bkrzysiek' posted containing a list of G-code commands that should allow us to modify the printer FW:

Someone else had a look into the same commands as 'bkrzysiek' and spent some time trying to make sense of them. Here's his write-up:

I have tested the stepper direction, extruder fan kick-in temp and a few other basic options and they all worked.

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