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Install a Raspberry Pi into a Mega i3 S?

by HeliTom

I am planning to add a Raspberry 3 Pi to my Mega i3s Printer.

Has anyone installed one inside the base, or do they need to be outside?
Thanks in advance,.

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Anycubic axis jam inconsistent

by dansleeth


My Anycubic i3 Mega has started to intermitantly jam at the same point along the x axis, but inconsistently.

The carriage is smooth along the start of the x axis (when I manually push it, printer turned off) until about half way and then it hits an invisible wall and becomes hard to push. If you put a fair bit of pressure, it feels a little like it skips, but then it is okay along the rest of the axis.

On some prints it is fine, while on others I can come back and see that the x-axis has not moved for several minutes and there is a massive blob in a line where only the y-axis has been moving.

Could somebody make some suggestions of what it might be and what it definately isn't...

  • Belt doesn't look terrible.
  • Can't see the teeth on the motor and that looks like a pain to get to
  • Stepper motor's internal gears?
  • Can the drivers have a physical affect?
  • Bearings?

Thanks in advance

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Green connectors burned

by Metrolan


Both connectors of hotend cable (green) are burned. I'm looking for a replacement cable or at least, a place to buy the connectors.

Searched Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood and ebay. Only found in ebay.de, but vendor didn't ship to my country (Spain).

Anyone can help?

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X axis shift

by jameschadud

Hi Guys,

Im recently getting a layer X shift on my anycubic i3 mega s. I would like to know if anyone can help get this fixed.

Its only happening when the nozzle moves from right to left on the x axis. You can see more clealy on the pictures attached here.


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