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Anycubic Mega random freezes - denouement

by supik

Here I write topic about my printer.

After disconnecting SDCard reader, and understandig the printer without reader do not operate, I contact Anycubic support and decsribed my problem. They agreed, the problem is probably in reader, and send me link to order new.

After few days I will still sad, but assembly printer to original state. I try after that print small model (18 mins) and .. printer works.
I try print more then ten models from this time ( yesterday I print over 5 hours) and all models were finished...

In the meantime, I received a package from Anycubic, but reader lies in a drawer..

I do not understand where was problem ( original reader was connected firmly ). Maybe in the future problem occurs again.
Maybe this will help other peoples.
Bye :)

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A4988 VREF

by Jellybean57

I got asked to take a look at a Mega Pro for my local library (no upgrades), what is the recommended VREF for the stock A4988 stepper drivers? The extruder motor vibrates but does not turn, even with a replacement motor from Anycubic. Thanks

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Is it normal to need to re-level the bed after every print?

by Caedo

If I level the bed afresh before printing, then I always get a good print. If I don't level the bed, then the print will always fail on the first layer. Time between prints doesn't matter. iI can be two minutes, or several days. If I don't re-level the bed, the print will always fail.

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