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Extruder/hotend temperature go up without stopping

by ruanova

I had to disconnect all the wiring from the Motherboard and Hub from my Anycubic i3 Mega.

Once everything is reassembled when I preheat the extruder/hotend (190º) and hotbed (50º), the temperature on the display appears correct but the extruder/hotend does not stop at 190º, it continues to rise without stopping. I had to reset it when it reached almost 300º so as not to burn it.

Is it possible that some of the wires have been connected wrong? I have reviewed it and I see everything correct.
I am not sure where the wire of the extruder/hotend temperature sensor is (thermistor),

Can you help me?

Thank you.

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Anycubic Mega S - TMC2208 upgrade one Z-Motor doesn't move

by lausbua3

Hello Makers!

I just implemented 5 2208 stepper drivers from KOOKYE via A. After that i flashed the firmware MEGA_S_TMC_v1.1.6.hex from (https://github.com/knutwurst/Marlin-2-0-x-Anycubic-i3-MEGA-S) so that I do not have to change my wiring. I also adjusted the voltage of the drivers.

Everything looked good first. X and Y moving fine. Unfortunately only the left Z-Motor is working. The left does not move with the new drivers. When I plug in the old drivers the motor works fine.

Do you have any clue what is the problem here?

Anycubic_I3_Mega TMC2208 Z-Motor
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Replacement Heatbed (Cable) Source in Germany?

by Bikecyclist

I just found that my heatbed cabling suffers from a broken wire, and now would like to replace the entire heatbed, or possibly only the cabling.

Do you know any source for either of these, preferrably in Germany or offering quick delivery to there at reasonable cost? Many thanks in advance!

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