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Slic3r profiles?

by aciim


Could someone provide usable and tested profile-bundle to start with?

I have had many problems with stringing, retractions etc... Simplify3D makes really pretty prints... but managing profiles is horrible.

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The Anycubic i3 Mega is absolute trash

by bobrusso13

This thing is absolute garbage. Only starts printing like every 20th try. Mostly sits there looking stupid. Anyone disagree?

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Problem with first layer

by FepePungi

Hi guys
Recently I tried printing this wide object on my Anycubic i3 Mega and I noticed that the first layer doesn't look very good. Can anybody point what is causing this problem? Before I was printing only smaller things and there were no such issue.

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Pause Script without additional hardware?

by EdBenny

Very new to 3D printing, but was hoping to utilise a pause at height or pause at layer option to change filament at a certain point for dual colour printing. When Cura's option did not seem to work I started looking into G-Code and was able to make a basic script that would move to X0 Y0, and +10Z and pause so I could manually change filament. However, there does not seem to be a way to restart a paused print from the printer itself when stopped this way.

A few things I have read here and elsewhere all recommend software like Octoprint or Astroprint to be able to send the resume G-Code, my problem is the printer is in a separate room from any computer, the only laptop I have is a Chromebook that can run Android apps, although I could salvage my old Chromebook, but don't really want to fork out for some additional hardware without testing it works (going to borrow a raspberry pi in a few weeks hopefully to try it)

Any suggestions about if this is possible or failing that does anyone use any combination of these things to achieve a dual colour print?


G-Code pauseAtZ
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