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I3 Mega X axies issue

by Bizek92

Hi, I have a problem with the I3 Mega, the problem is quite peculiar because the X-axis is not working completely. The failure occurs in such a way that the stepper motor does not want to go to the left side (towards the limit switch). After any attempt to start the engines, a buzzer begins to beep regularly.
As I give the HOME mode, the carriage X moves a few mm to the right, and then Y and finally Z are turned on. If I move the carriage to the right with a command from the printer, I can go back to the left, but only by the amount I moved.
At first I thought it was the limit switch's fault, but unfortunately it works properly. I checked the voltage on it and it is only 2.3V, when the Y axis end switch is about 5V. I checked the voltage at the board, also 2.3V, the question is whether this switch should have the 5V, if so, what causes such a voltage drop?
I connected the printer to the Repeater, turned on the M119 option to check if the limit switches were working properly and yes, they were all working properly.
I already lost ideas what could be the cause?
I would like to add that the printer was unused almost six months ago, I had a problem with the Hotend fan but it was my fault because I had shorted wires in the new fan and I burned one transistor that I replaced and everything works.
I am adding a video with this anomaly, it will surely clarify what I mean.
Any ideas?

told me to buy a new mainboard, they won't help me to fix it.
Regards, Peter

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by Raggady

Noise, Can anyone help i have replaced all fans and changed drivers, but i am intermittently getting this vibration noise but i cant work of where it is coming from. i think it is from the carriage somewhere.

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Best Slicer to use?

by Armor9

Currently I am using the latest version of Cura for my slicer but is that the best one to use? I have heard good things about Prusa but never used it. Can anyone give their input and insight into the different slicer and if it is worthwhile to change? Thanks.

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i3 mega seeing card but not seeing files

by cam2363

My mega sees that an sd card is inserted, but doesnt see any files on the card.

I tried:
Formatting card
having only 1 file on
changing to a different card
restarting it
Re seating sd card cable

and I get nothing. It was working earlier today, but it just quit seeing files. Any ideas or thing to check?

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