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T0 abnormal error. Donated machine in a Makerspace

by Syncmanatl

Display shows 0 for hotend temp. Installed new "original" 12v hotend off Amazon. Resistance of thermistor is 104. Trying to trace wiring back to main board, but there is a "gantry adapter" board plugged into the T0 pins. And 2 blue/green wires plugged int T1 slot. Any help?
The machine arrived with no hotend, just the mounting pieces. So I guess the donor had this issue, and gave up.

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what is the name and size of these connectors?

by Albertine15

Hello guys. do you know what type of these connectors are? I was upgrading the both fans and while swapping the connctors to the new fans I totaly damaged the connectors. Thanks

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i3 mega seeing card but not seeing files

by cam2363

My mega sees that an sd card is inserted, but doesnt see any files on the card.

I tried:
Formatting card
having only 1 file on
changing to a different card
restarting it
Re seating sd card cable

and I get nothing. It was working earlier today, but it just quit seeing files. Any ideas or thing to check?

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My extruder stepper motor cord snapped.

by KingBurger4482

The cord that goes to the filament runout sensor and the stepper motor for the extruder broke and I don’t own a soldering iron. I would like to buy a new cord but I can’t find one ANYWHERE. The cord I’m talking about is right under the red and green wires you plug in to set up your printer.

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