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Very bad Draft print quality

by Daddyguitar

Hy Guys, I wanted to print a prototype so I selected Draft on cura settings but it looks very bad to me... It is not the first time I print using Draft but I've always had fine quality print...this is bad...
Just look on the left side of the photo, there is so much stringing due to two support structure that may let you think it is even worse then it really is. But the wall on the left should be flat...

I've just changed the stepper driver with the TMC2208 and installed the Marlin 1.1.9 calibrate X,Y,Z and E.

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AI3M needs a forever home

by killinterpol

Hey guys I enjoyed my AI3M for a few years and started a project to rebelt / put a v6 on it but I never got around to finishing it. If any one is interested in it let me know, I need to make room for my newly built HEVO. Will throw in the upgraded belts & printed hot end parts - just needs a v6 and some love. Just pay shipping.

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Printer stopped in the middle of a print - Not working anymore

by nusso

My i3 Mega stopped in the middle of a print last night.
I can still move the Axis over the menu, however I'm unable to preheat the bed or the nozzle.
Any suggestions how to solve the problem or what to check?

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New User - Got a settings question

by De4th69


got a Anycubic Mega S for Christmas and am currently fiddling around with the settings to get good prints. I adjusted a lot of Cura options to get the result that you can see in the screenshots. I also printed a new air cooling (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4399740) which drastically improved the prints. Not sure why^^ I searched online for some configurations for this printer and there were a few that I integrated into my settings.

It's a standard calibration cube. I have printed 7 of them and the results are always getting better, but I'm not sure what I should configure to get the last notch for a perfect print. Using the recommended temps for the pla (Original Anycubic, 200°C - 230°C) actually makes the prints way worse with lots of stringing. I checked the belts to rule out if they're to loose, but they're tight enough. I changed my print desk to make sure that it's not to unstable.

Right now I'm using the Standard firmware, but I want to upgrade to the latest version of Marlin. Currently waiting for some new PC Parts before I can do that.

My current Cura settings for the calibration cube:

  • Quality:
    1. Layer Height: 0.15mm
  • Shell:
    1. Wall Thickness: 1.2mm
    2. Wall Line Count: 3
    3. Top/Bottom Thickness: 1.2mm
    4. Top Thickness: 1.2mm
    5. Top Layers: 8
    6. Bottom Thickness: 1.2mm
    7. Bottom Layers: 8
    8. Horizontal Expansion: 0mm
  • Infill:
    1. Infill Density: 30%
    2. Infill Pattern: Zig Zag
  • Material:
    1. Printing Temperature: 195°C (higher was worse!)
    2. Build Plate Temperature: 60°C
    3. Flow: 100%
    4. Initial Layer Flow: 100%
  • Speed:
    1. Print Speed: 40mm/s
    2. Outer Wall Speed: 35mm/s
    3. Inner Wall Speed: 60mm/s
  • Travel:
    1. Enable Retraction: true
    2. Retraction Distance: 4.0mm (i felt this doesn't really have an impact on the print)
    3. Retraction Speed: 35mm/s
    4. Z-Hop when Retracted: true
  • Cooling:
    1. Enable Print Cooling: true
    2. Fan Speed: 100%
  • Support:
    1. Generate Support: false
  • Build Plate Adhesion
    1. BPA Type: Brim

I'm just really not that happy with the right lower corner on the x axis and somehow the last few layers on the z axis are also pretty ugly...

Maybe someone has an idea what I could change/try.

Greetings :)

Fan duct v3 Anycubic Mega S
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