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Install a Raspberry Pi into a Mega i3 S?

by HeliTom

I am planning to add a Raspberry 3 Pi to my Mega i3s Printer.

Has anyone installed one inside the base, or do they need to be outside?
Thanks in advance,.

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Heatbed on 0 degree

by Sirhase3

Hello, I have the problem that mid-print the bed temperature dropped to 0. I replaced the NTC and the cables but still, the temperature is still on 0. I took the resistance of the NTC and I got near 100 k ohms. Now I'm running out of options because I don't want to buy a new heatbed because I don't know if the problem is the heatbed or the motherboard. Does someone know what I could do?

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Error during verify/compile of marlin 1.1.9

by Snazer

Hi all,

I am looking to compile a firmware and encountered this error : DIO31_RPORT was not declared in this scope.

Can anyone help?

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