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Mesh level

by Bc320

I flashed the Marlin firmware onto my I3 Mega. After I finish with all 25 points the machine beeps and re-homes the head. When I press the save option it doesn't beep. Looking at the terminal, it shows that it saved. When I do the test it looks good.

My brims seem not quite right. The they are not smooshed together, rather a series of individual lines that separate when I pull them off. So far it has not caused an issue but I am concerned for taller prints. Am I being paranoid?

Marlin marlin_firmware
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Troubleshooting: Bad Bottom Surface Quality - "Alligator Skin"?

by Bikecyclist

Hi everyone,

I have a recurring problem with bad bottom surface quality that doesn't seem to be mentioned by the usual troubleshooting guides.

I've attached a photograph to show it.

Basically, I have an irregular pattern on the bottom surface that very vaguely resembles the texture of alligator skin. There's an irregular, long-ish and typically contiguous area affected by the fault, which looks like after the initial printing, some parts of the bottom layer are pulled up and away from the bed.

(Please ignore the usual overhang/bridging/thermal warping problems around the edges, this was just a quick test to check the fit.)

If you have any ideas on the cause of this ugly effect which I see in some form in almost every one of my prints, and on ways to avoid it, that would be most welcome! :-)

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New nozzle sizes

by swordgon

Hi all,

I’m looking to get some larger nozzles for my i3 Mega, specifically 0.6 and 1.0 mm ones so I can print some larger projects faster. My question is though, I have just the stock hotend, so what kind of like sizes am I looking for? On amazon they have listed like sets for “MK8 extruder nozzle/head”, are these the sizes I’m looking for? Or is it like a different size or type of nozzle I need?

Also with a bigger nozzle size, what other factors do I need to take into consideration? I’ve just been printing with 0.4 ever since I got my machine, do I need to make adjustments for print temp/speed, and other different factors?


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Horrible stringing!

by AmyTheBun

Hey. So I bought got printer yesterday the test owls came out PEFFECT!
I printed a bunny next. there was a tiny bit of stringing but I just picked it and it was okay!

now I printed this Headphone stand and woah... it's so horrible.

It's like the outer wall doesn't stick to the previous layer sometimes? like the printer passes over the curve but it gets dragged and sticks in a straight line?!

here are a few photos:


my retraction is on, I think lowering my temp made it worse?! Not sure.. but it certainly didn't help. I now changed to the included black filament at 215 degrees to print one for my brother. but there's still stringing. so I assume it's not the filament or the temp!

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