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PID Tuning & Firmware

by whiteley

After careful re-alignment of all the moving parts and replacement of the rigid Z couplers with the flexible clamp on shaft variety, my Mega is now producing some excellent prints with noise levels now no more than 55db. So I have decided to hold off making further mods such as changing the stepper drivers and fans for the time being.
However, as I'm fairly new to all this, there are two areas I know next to nothing about, Pid Tuning and Installing firmware and would very much appreciate it if someone could help me out by giving me some basic instructions specific to the I3 Mega.

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Replaced the print head/hotend, but filament isn’t flowing?

by swordgon

So trying not to butcher terms too much but anyways...long story short my old stock hotend got jammed on something during a print and since had happened before and it was old (dunno how old to be honest as I got the printer second hand anyways), decided to just swap it for a new stock one I got off Amazon. Everything seemed to have went smoothly as far as assembly went and it heats up fine, but my problem seems to be that my filament doesn’t want to be pushed through to print? I mean it’s extruding pretty slowly on the hotend side, and as far as I can tell the gears are trying to turn to get the filament to advance on the other side, so I’m puzzling over why filament isn’t coming out as fast as it normally would. Tried running a basic print job and it wasn’t working at all.

So yeah at a bit of a loss as to what to try...I mean it’s a brand new stock hot-end and the usual 0.4mm nozzle so it’s not like anything’s changes compare to what I normally print at. Any suggestions?

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Heatbed isn't heating above 75°

by TheLux

Hey there,

I had to change my heatbed, because the glue was loosening. Since I've heard that some of you have removed the glue completely and replaced it with clamps, I thought I would give it a try and do the same.
So I've separated the Ultrabase from the old heatbed and placed it onto the new heatbed and fixed it with clamps.

Unfortunately, it seems, that I have done something wrong. After my change to clamps and without the glue between the heatbed and the ultrabase, my heatbed needs much more time for heating up the bed and isn't able to go over 75°C.
I know that I was able to get over 80° easily in the first place since this was my bed temperature when printing PETG.

Does anyone of you had the same problems? And if so. What was your fix? I'm a little afraid that something is wrong with my wiring or that I put the clamps on the wrong place.

Attached is a photo of the clamps.

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I3 Mega Spool options - opinions please

by NaloMeliful

Hey all,
I printed a side spool holder (things: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2647030 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2677452 ), but would like to know your opinion on top holders, side holders, horizontal holders...Pros and Cons of the one you personally use. Does your choice change if using various types of filament (say wood, PLA, PETG)?

I'm not having a problem, just curious what others are using. There are tons of them out there.

Peace, and keep the conversion civil :)

Spool holder for Anycubic I3 Mega
by kurioso
Spool stand leg for Anycubic I3 Mega
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Cura settings

by electronique13

Hey guys,
I'm having a hard time trying to get a nice first layer, I used the cura settings from the anycubic website but didn't get good results, can someone give me his working settings please ? Thanks :)

cura first layer settings
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Leaking hotend.

by aciim


I switched the nozzle and then the whole hotend was stuck. Really badly. I took apart everything and cleaned it with hard work and with some torch... I had to burn all the melted and jammed plastic.

Then I reassembled everything tightly. Now I can print, but the hotend is leaking above the heating block. I don't get it - do I need to put some thread lock or what? I have had no this kind of issues before with this or with my first printer.

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After TMC2208 Upgrade - Y-Axis doesn't work properly

by Zamahra

Hey guys,

I really hope to find some help. It's so quite without my printer ;).
Yesterday I finally got my new TMC2208 stepper drivers and installed them, rotated the motor cables and set the voltage to 0.9V. Unfortunately, the Y-Axis (Heatbed motor) doesn't want to work anymore, as soon as I connect the other motors (the green and red cables on the side of the printer). Furthermore, the X and Z axis was really slow.
So I thought it might be the voltage and adjusted it to 1V. Connected everything again, and now Y actually does something, even with the rest connected. But its really really loud and doesn't seem right. Homing Y doesn't work at all, it seems like he just goes a certain amount in one direction, a certain amount in the other direction and then stops - whereever, but not one his home position. I also tried to adjust the position via the menu: when I press on Y +10 is sometimes makes a (very loud) positive jump, sometimes negative. And yes - I inverted all cables for the TMC2208 and my Y-Cable is also inverted compared to all other cables, as it should be?!

What I already tried to figure out:

  • Connected a spare motor to the X axis directly without connecting the tower: Both work flawlessly with 0.9V. Without the strange noises.
  • Set all the TMC2208 to 1,2V - Y worked together with the rest, but was really loud.
  • Switched the stepper drivers, same problems.

Could it be my Y axis motor? Is it the Voltage? Any idea?
I'm really looking forward to your answers, thanks for your help!



Here is a video of the behavior of the y-axis.

Anycubic_I3_Mega TMC2208
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Hotend Not Maintaining Temperature After Print Begins

by dpatte9381

I have had my AnyCubic i3 Mega since mid-November 2018. A few days ago it has started having the following issue pertaining the hotend:

As soon as I begin print begins (after the build plate and hotend heat up), the hotend temperature will drop from 200°C to between 183°C-186°C and will stay there for the first couple layers and then will heat back up to 200°C for the remainder of the job. If I am doing any sort of build with a small foot print, either one or multiple items, this temperature change is enough to mess up the entire print.

I have tried formatting my SD Cards to both FAT and FAT32 file systems and still the issue persist. My Anycubic i3 Mega's firmware version is 1.1.0 I am currently using Cura version 3.6.0 and have been using just the Custom: Fine - 0.1mm profile. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this temperature variation? If there is any more information that may be of usefulness feel free to ask.

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Silent hotend-fan too slow

by mohag519

I bought a silent hotend fan (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0083A0BY4/) and it sure was silent, it's easy to make a silent fan if it doesn't spin fast. I was worried but tried a print and it seemed like it did the job. The second print though I got a clogged nozzle. Heat creeping and filament stuck in throat. Good thing Anycubic sent the second nozzle. Now I just need help buy a new one and this time I thought maybe any of you could point me to a silent fan with good enough air flow which has been tested and working. And if you may please also send me a link to a 50mm for the stepper fan I would be glad.

By the way, is there a way to mod the current silent fan to just make it spin faster? Remove a resistor or something?

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