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Anycubic Mega S - Clicking sound from extruder

by GrysBernkastel

For a month I have been encountering this problem with my printer. I start to print something and after a few minutes, a click sounds in the extruder and it stops feeding filament.

I have tried everything that occurred to me, leveling the bed, replacing the nozzle, changing the hotend, changing the bowden tube...

I have verified that there was no type of obstruction, and I have even tried to feed the filament without a nozzle installed, but the problem continued to persist.

Sometimes I can see filament grind when it stops printing, I have disassembled the extruder and cleaned the debris from the gears and adjusted the nut to press in different ways to check if it worked, but I have not had any success.

It is a printer with about 2 years,

Any idea what it could be?

Anycubic anycubic_i3_Mega_S
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Random thermal runaway error during print

by mapero

Hi Community,

since a few weeks now, I get random "thermal runaway" errors on my Anycubic i3 Mega. There is no real pattern recognizable. Some prints run without failure, some fail after 1h some after 6h. The graph looks always simular to the attached image. Temperature is slowly dropping as if the hotend does not get any more power. The heat bed is still heating, so i do not thing that it is the power supply. I tried the following so far:

  • Replace complete Hotend including thermostat and heating element
  • Check all "outside" connections
  • Remove enclosure to reduce environment temperature
  • Reduce complexity of print
  • Update FW to latest davidramiro/Marlin-Ai3M

But error persist. So next steps on my list to remove the failure:

  • Add mosfets between mainboard and hotbed / hotend and check all cables in the inside

Any other ideas or had someone similar problems?


MfG mapero

Anycubic_I3_Mega failure thermal_runaway
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Anycubic i3 Mega hottend temp fluctuation more than 10 degree C

by ou6066

Hi all,

I have this printer for about 4 months now. For the first 2 months, it worked great. But during recent printing, i noticed that my hotend temperature fluctuated a lot, about 10 degree C. Please check the attachment.

I did replace the hotend with the one that came with the shipment. After the replacement, i started to notice the fluctuation.

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Definitive TMC2208 Vref settings

by cannon3d

I've upgraded my Anycubic I3 Mega (Trigorilla) "S" to the TMC2208 drivers. I've found on forums various guidelines for the reference voltages: 0.85V, 1.06V, 1.2V, with someone saying 1.5V needed on E0.

After installing the TMC2208's and with the motors removed, I've checked the reference voltages and found them to be (X,Y,Z,E0, E1)= (1.11, 1.11, 1.09, 1.18, 1.11)V and left them like that.

Now, when fast extrusion or retraction occurs, there's a nasty noise from my extruder motor. Can it be that 1.18V is too low for E0?

Note that I have the newer/upgraded "S" extruder from Anycubic.

Is there any generally agreed opinion on what the Vref's should be for TMC2208's in Anycubic I3 Mega (Trigorilla)?

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by harlekin1247

I have a test cube of 101010mm. I did the slicing with Cura. In the Post Processing plugin where I set the pause at the 25th layer the retraction value is equal to 0.0.
When the machine stops, if I also press "pause" (to then be able to resume) the machine tells me "Command has ben sent, wait for response" but I get no response and everything stays still.
The only way to resume printing is to switch the machine off and on again, press on "Print", indicate the file and press "Resume". Up to this point the filement is in place ready for extrusion.
However, when the extruder moves to resume printing, the filament retracts by about 4 or 5 cm, so the extruder moves but printing does not take place.
To remedy the problem I have to press "Pause" again, push the filament up to the extruder and press "continue" and printing resumes.
The "Pause" command requires a small amount of time before taking effect, so in the meantime the extruder has moved idle and that small idle path is missing in the print.
I added .3mf and .gcode filesw
Obviously this seems like an unorthodox way of working
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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3d printer receives radio

by vongallo

How the hell does my printer play radio. Just in the middle of printing it changes the screen and plays music....

Anycubic Mega X
new vents, TMC2209 driver.

a Short Video

Anycubic Anycubic_i3_Mega_X Problem
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by warriorcookie

I don't want this to turn into another TMC2208 vs TMC2130 thread. They are only $10 different for a set of 5, so the cost really isn't an issue. I'm familiar with the basic differences between the 2 drivers.

My question is focused on SPI vs UART. I assume SPI has advantages over UART, but can't find out what they are specifically. Is one easier to implement than the other on the i3 Mega (or Mega S in my case)

spi tmc tmc2130 tmc2208 uart
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[SOLVED] Bed not heating suddenly

by devsdaone

Update: Resoldering the hotbed connector on the mainboard fixed the issue, as it seems the connector started to seperate from the solder (must have been a poor solder job). Afterwards the bed works perfectly fine though. Anycubic is however sending me a new mainboard anyway which will be great as a spare!

Yesterday I tried to print an object (using PLA) but the bed will not heat. It stays at room temperature

The printer i'm using is the Anycubic i3 Mega (With two Z-Motors). I found a diagnostic list that anycubic provides on their support site, and began diagnosing. I found that the HOTBED LED on the mainboard would light up, as well as HEATER 0 (The extruder), however when I turn up the bed, HEATER1 doesn't light up. The connector for the headbed on the mainboard is slightly loose but i'm unable to tighten it any further, and have reseated both connections to it twice. The thermistor is fine as it detects that the bed is at room temperature.

I do not get any MINTEMP/MAXTEMP errors on an output like pronterface / simplify3d either.

I had removed the zipties on the bed cables prior, and the solder connections on the bed itself are completely fine and are not loose.
Photo has HEATER0 off as the extruder is disconnected while I have the printer open

heat hotbed mofset ultrabase
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Troubleshooting Blobs

by Jellybean57

I am getting tons of strings and blobs on my prints (picture attached). Marlin firmware with 2208s. It seems like the tests i print turn out well but the larger prints have problems.

So far I have tried:
Printed a temp tower and adjusted for best temp
Printed a retraction tower and adjusted speed and distance
Calibrated e steps
Opened a new filament

Where should I start adjusting?

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