i3 Mega Identification

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There are several versions of the machine known as the "Anycubic i3 Mega", this thread will hopefully help you to identify which yours is, and establish the useful nicknames and shorthand for specifying each one, so that others know exactly what we are talking about when we say "my mega".
This is a placeholder.

  • 00 version
    • AFAIK this is what is often referred to as the Anycubic "Omega" i3 (note the 'O') - Current Official product name: "ANYCUBIC Modular i3"
    • Not really a 'Mega'. Not actually referred to by anycubic as 'version 00' (although it seems logical they might). Adding it here because it is the precursor to the 'i3 Mega', and sometimes generates confusion because of it's very similar name, and is also an i3 type.
    • perspex frame
    • Opensource firmware
    • LCD2004 display (iirc)
    • http://www.anycubic3d.com/products/show/1044.html

The following is sourced from Alice Yu on facebook and edited for logic:

  • 01 version
    • Black in appearance
    • Out of production, no longer sold.
    • Have inductive probe leveling-assist device.
    • Driver: A4988
    • Trigorilla (8bit, Mega 2560 chipset)
      Main Control Chip: ATMEGA256016AU
      Input Power: 10V ~ 30V
      Standby Current: 35mA±5mA
      Stepper Motor Drivers: 5 channel Max
      Hot bed Output Control: 1 channel
      Heated output control: 2 channel
      Under-current output control: 3 channel
      Dimensions: 125mm x 82mm

  • 02 version
    • As above
    • Blue in appearance.

  • 03 version.
    • Trigorilla 8bit
    • Ultrabase
    • No inductive leveling-assist sensor
    • 1.1 firmware
    • Will use open source firmware in the near future. (most likely the community written effort, nothing to do with anycubic releasing the code)
    • http://www.anycubic3d.com/products/show/1048.html

  • 04 version.
    • TriGorilla mainboard 32bit
    • Ultrabase??
    • Z Sensor??
    • 1.4 firmware
    • Product URL??

What Alice Yu originally wrote, verbatim:
Currently we are selling 03 and 04 version. They have different USB driver, firmware and mainboard. 03 version is with 1.1 firmware, 04 version with 1.4 firmware and TriGorilla mainboard. Besides, 03 version will use open source firmware in the near future. As for 01 and 02 version, we do not produce and sell them now, and both of them have auto-leveling device but 02 version is blue appearance.

hi sorry if this is the wrong thread but you mentioned something about the i3 OMEGA ....
im looking for the stock firmware for the omega as some idiot has obviously changed the firmware on this i3 omega i acquired only the other day .. as when you home all the axis the z movement does not stop .. ive checked the limit switch .. works fine as when i manually lower the z axis and press the switch it stops ,but when you use the home function it continues into the bed and almost breaking the limit switch

just wondered if anyone has the firmware to put it back to normal my other omega i have got wont even let you know which firmware is installed as its really an anycubic i3 clone .... hope some one can help me thank you .

I just got my I3 Mega 10 days ago and though I haven't taken the bottom plate off yet, I do have a few observations.
Mine is 32bit version, Anycubic refers to it a Mega 04 but mine did not come with the bed leveling sensor, so I don't think 04 do as a rule.

Quick question. If I want to upgrade the drivers, I guess my only options are to either do surface mount soldering, which I would have to "outsource" or "downgrade" to an 8-bit board, right? Is the downgrade option really a downgrade? What do I loose out on going from 32 to 8 bit? Just slower UI or anything print quality related?

Having used a V4 for a month, a leveling probe is not really necessary. As long as you can level the bed properly, once you do it, you'll probably have to do it only if you move the printer or after some time. The dual Z-endstops that keep the X-axis aligned when homing are of great help.
The other reason why they did away with the sensor is the Ultrabase, which doesn't work well with inductive probes. I've tried a few, even one which is supposed to have 8mm sensing distance, but it fails to properly trigger. The probe could, technically, be added to the 32bit board and configured via GCODE, but I haven't tried it myself. And, again, there's the induction issue with glass and the aluminium bed.
As for the drivers and the option of either changing them or replacing the whole board, keep in mind that you would also have to replace the LCD because the V4 one does not have its own controller and the 8-bit boards can't run it. I've decided to keep my printer as-is under warranty. If or when the board dies, I'll either try to get a replacement in warranty. If it's out of warranty, I'll do the "downgrade".

Thanks man. All good thoughts. Makes sense with the sensor not working on the Ultrabase.
I think I will keep it stock, too. And perhaps later on, Anycubic might actually put better drivers in their 32bit board, so instead of a downgrade, perhaps we can make it an upgrade;-)

For everyone's information, on 28 March I ordered what was advertised as "Mega-03" from the German warehouse from Anycubic's official AliExpress store and received the 32bit 04 version. It seems they have a batch of those in Europe.
Feeling slightly disappointed.

In this video you can see the 04 version:
I noticed that the stepper drivers are not changeable.

My Anycubic i3 Mega arrived on Jan. 12, 2018 and looks like the unit on the link to 1048.html site. The USB driver supplied was the PL2303_Driver Installer which different that the driver listed in the manual on Pg 15. After installing under the Ports (COM & LPT) the COM port shows as Prolific USB-to Serial Com Port (COM3) as per the included addendum to the manual. On the unit’s specs screen the Firmware Version shows to be V1.4.1RC1/P2 /UI:V0.1 and appears to be running a 32 bit.

Question: Has anyone ordered parts from the linked website with the weird cost numbers? Everything tends to show as USD$10000 with a discount?

It can be order in Chinese web site (Taobao) or via me, if you are really want to order.

The printer is still working great. I was just trying to find out where parts could be ordered in case of a problem. Thanks!

I think 03 should be the Ultrabase version without leveling assist.
Also it does have a Mega2560.

Interesting. Can one or all of you show me what your machine looks like? Or link me to a stock photo that is known to be identical? Has anyone taken photos of the inner components? The sensor's partnumber sticker? etc?
Based on what you are saying (help me fill in the gaps please)

03 version.
Currently (2018-01-31) producing and selling.
unknown USB driver
unknown firmware
mainboard (Trigorilla 2560 chipset.
Will use open source firmware in the near future. - probably just refers to the fact that a 3rd party has reverse engineered the TFT code, as per the FIRMWARE thread
This is...or is not the 03? Do they list the 03 on the site?

My machine looks like that, and I believe it has the 8 bit board. I found a customised Marlin firmware fork for version 03 here: https://github.com/derhopp/Marlin-with-Anycubic-i3-Mega-TFT. See Marlin install instruction here: http://marlinfw.org/docs/basics/install.html.


did you install custom Marlin on your printer ?
What benefits does it have ?
Did you face any issues ?
Do you recommend ?


Yes, my machine looks like that. Note that there is no leveling sensor on the print head.
Attached: Picture of the mainboard.
I removed the fans on the power supply and mainboard, so this is not original.

My motherboard looks like this when I peek from the ventilation grills at the bottom ( Does removing bottom cover avoid warranty ? )

@c0dy : Is this step motor drivers soldered on the motherboard or it is plugged in to headers ? ( do we have any topic on board where overall upgrades,hacks and improvement discussed ? - I found this nice article in French documented the step motor drivers upgrade )


Warranty on a china product? dont know:)

The stepper drivers are not soldered.
The picture is not up to date. I swapped them with TMC2100 drivers.
Also I replaced all fans with Noctua fans.
My printer is now very quiet.
I can make more photos if interested.

More photos and a little explanation would be really helpfull @c0dy. Thanks

Here is the picture.
4 TMC2100 breakout boards for all stepper motors except extruder. I set Vref to 1.1V, otherwise they get too hot.
The motor connections must be swapped, otherwise they rotate in the wrong direction.
I removed the power supply case because I did not find a silent fan that fits in it.
Two Noctua 6cm Fans cool the power supply and the mainboard.
6cm fans fit exactly in the case. Just use double sided tape to secure them.
The cooling of the stepper drivers is not perfect though. But I dont have problems with it.

Photo on the link matches mine, so called 03 version ( ordered from amazon.de end of January 2018 )

It has firmware version 1.1
Ultrabase Heated bed
No bed leveling sensor
Driver_CP2102 on CD

That 1048.html link certainly looks like mine, showing firmware 1.1.0 in the front panel, and no auto-leveling so I'd guess 03.

I think version three uses normal Trigorilla board which is 8-bit (Atmel Mega 2560). At least this is my version - 8-bit and without levelling probe and also black.

Same here.

Any way from the front panel to check version or do we have to take it apart to visually check the mainboard?

IMO everyone should remove the bottom panel when they first receive the machine. Partly to finger-check that all of the connections are seated, and partly to photograph the components and cable layouts. It always comes in handy eventually.

  • afaik you can check the control panel 'info' section for the firmware version, which may imply particular hardware
  • or there is a serial number of some kind that anycubic reference people quote when submitting support tickets, which is apparently some kind of designation marking, most likely a sticker...that will infer a particualr series of machine, but I suspect the only people who can translate that number to anyhting meaningful is anycubic themselves.
  • But the only way to know for sure about anything is to open the case and look. Take photos, and notes, because although removing the bottom is not very difficult, you will probably be reluctant to do it more than absolutely necessary.