Anycubic i3 Mega hottend temp fluctuation more than 10 degree C

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Hi all,

I have this printer for about 4 months now. For the first 2 months, it worked great. But during recent printing, i noticed that my hotend temperature fluctuated a lot, about 10 degree C. Please check the attachment.

I did replace the hotend with the one that came with the shipment. After the replacement, i started to notice the fluctuation.

I have had that behaviour with a loose crimping of the thermistor. As Danlim advised for the heater... directly solder those cables.

If is possible, check the resistance value on the heater...
Same issue previously, is the heater connector is not properly crimp. When printing.. it moves, sometime contact no so good causes the temperature drops or varies... Direct solder is the best.

I check serval time, the connector was properly crimped. And I did try to tie the connector. But no changes.

Make sure the thermal resistor is seated firmly in the hot end and has not been pulled loose during installation of the new head. The thermal resistor give feed back to the control board to maintain the correct temperature.

Any good methods to seated it firmly? I tried to wiggled it, it moved slightly.

Automotive stores sell High Temp Silicone for making engine head gaskets. A little dab of it where the thermal resistor goes into the hot end should hold it in place.

I know how it works but have not had to replace the hotend on my printer; so I have not had to deal with a loose thermal resistor. I just know that others have had the problem due to not making good contact. I will see if I can find out because it would be good to know how they are held in place.

I just solved this issue.... I adjust the head to a higher temperature, and one big chunk of plastic woozy out. My printer's temperature gets really stable after that.

I will keep my eyes on the temperature, and let you guys know if this issue comes up again.

Hey i am having this exact issue. Did this come back or did it permanently fix the issue