Adding BLTouch to Anycubic I3 Mega for ABL Tutorial

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BLTouch on Anycubic I3 Mega (Version 2 with ultrabase) - Needs to be 8 bit version
What you need is a BLTouch probe (Affiliate link, consider buying from here if you want to give some support to this: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/Qr72FaY) - Cheapest price I could find, and was the one I used to code the firmware with.

Make this mount in ABS/High heat tolerant filament, and install it as per his instructions (as far away as possible from hotend) using m3 screws and nuts
Credit to Petrzmax

Download the PDF for clear instructions and images on how to install the BLTouch to the anycubic I3 Mega

Link to firmware using Marlin 1.1.8 with ABL enabled. Firmware also uses Z-endstop for G28 command to level bed, and G29 uses BLTouch to measure bed surface.
Flash this firmware: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/igl7ny8afryajq1/AADOUzbKtO8QfU5q04TysJdna?dl=0
It will use BLTouch 5 x 5 point grid
Original firmware based off derhopp and beaving - uses latest marlin build

And usual disclaimer do this at your own risk, but works well for me
PDF of instructions attached to this group

Link to facebook discussion group:

For those of you who want to play with the firmware, the uncompiled version is here:

Anycubic I3 Mega BLTouch Mount

I cannot seem to make this work properly. After a mesh probe the z ends up WAY too close to the bed. Slightly pushing the bed down, actually. I've tried changing the z-offset. No matter what I set the z-offset, after probing it goes right back to where it was. Just to be sure I set the z-offset to 10 (M851 z10; m500). No change. It goes back the same it always seems to be. Setting the z-offset makes no difference.

Does anyone have an idea of why? My starting print G-code is:

G28 ;
M420 S1;
G1 Z15 F1000;
M107 ; fan off
G5 ; enable resume from power failure
G92 E0 ; zero E axis
G1 E8 F200 ; prime
G92 E0 ; re-zero E axis

I have installed the probe. Wenn I startup my printer (Anycubic i3 Mega) the Probe will extend en retracts 2 times. Red licht is burning. Wenn I do a G28 everythings homes. Wenn I do a G29 The extruder with probe will only go up. It looks like its probing but the z ax will go up. The probe is still burning red and the little pin will stay retracted. What can the problem be ?

When needed I can post an video of it.

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Do I need to add additional wires or will it use the wires already available?

Du brauchst noch eine 3 polige verlängerung für den Anschluß ins Gehäuse...

Thanks - danke :)

I need some help, used the .hex file from Euk_rob , but i cant get the BL touch working...

I set the z to :
echo:Z-Probe Offset (mm):
echo: M851 Z3.60

But when homing with G28, the head goes down until it hits the endstops...

Any clue what i`m missing ???

Do you know where is the original I3 Mega FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin 1.1.0-RC8 just in case to restore?

hi Euk_rob,
very good work !

when my nozzle is on the plateau in Z = 0, the finger of the bltooch is 2mm above.

but I have a lot of trouble to make it work, very often at the G29, the probe starts work, but often stops at the 2nd or 8th test point.

Hi Euk_rob!
good job! i think i will do this upgrade but i have a question: the filament sensor and the resume from power loss function will work with the not-original firmware?

I installed a BL Touch clone and flashed your firmware but when I run G29 it only tests 1 point. Do you know what could be the problem ?

Your bltouch probe needs to be above your z-axis limit switch. Your probe will probably be flashing meaning you have an error because of this.

Thanks for your extremely fast reaction. It isn't flashing though.

Should I adjust the switch using the screw ?

*sorry, the z probe needs to be low enough before the Z axis limit switch are triggered, otherwise the Z axis limit switch will trigger first before the BLTouch touches the bed. So lower the z axis by adjusting the screws or increase bed height

I can't get it to work properly. It seems my mount is too short. I checked it using callipers and my height is the same as the height in Cura. I got it to work using using two washers (1mm extension in total) but it prints way to heigh.

Without the washers my nozzle crashes in my bed without triggering the probe.

To be honest I think the problem is that my z is completely out of level after tinkering with it

You need to set Z-probe offset. M851. Mine is at -1.

Remember to M500 to save it

And yea, looks like your nozzle is too low compared to your probe for some reason..... Must be different. But washers will do the trick. Make sure the probe stays perpendicular.

After a lot of fiddling i finally managed to get it to work. I used two washers and I changed my Z-probe offset to 0. That fixed my problems. I didn't change my Z-probe offset before but it did the trick anyway.

Thank you for this, at last some one did help us mortels... ;)

Just one thing is this version of the BL Touch the genuine one or just another clone?

Thank you again.

Works with both genuine and clone - verified to work with genuine by someone on FB
Clone is much cheaper though, and hence is viable option for those who want to save some money. The clone in the affiliate link above is a copy of the newest BLTouch with both blue and red LEDs

The reviews on Amazon show that the clones are really unreliable and tend to fall apart..
How long do you have yours ?

A few weeks so far, working great. Great quality from what i've seen

Thank you, i bought one, another 12€ ain´t gonna kill me ;)