spi tmc tmc2130 tmc2208 uart

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Spi is much easier to use just 2 cables, while for Uart you need an Rx cable and a Tx for each stepper, keep in mind that the 2130 are much more complete than the 2208, also keep in mind that if your goal is to use a resolution of steps to 1/256 This is not possible for an 8-bit motherboard you can get maximum to 1/32 after which you have to switch to a 32bit. So if you want a good upgrade you can use the Lv8729 that natively reach 1/128 but you should keep them at 1/32, as silence does not reach 2130/2208, if then you are practical find on the net how to connect the 2130 in spi mode.

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I'd be reluctant to use a 2130...

Manufacturer replies in this thread explaining how the 2208 is better as they improved their stealthchop.
Version 1 of stealthchop has a nasty habit of skipping steps which is in their 21xx series

The 2208 looks to be the next revision and improves upon the 2130

But I did not say that the 2208 suck, I use the 2130 and the prints are perfect, I proposed various solutions as needed, now I do not know if they are reluctant for you the 2130 because you've tried them or because they tell you and then repeat what they tell you. I have tried them both 2208 and 2130 sincerely the disaster of the loss of steps I do not suffer. I don't know what to tell you then everyone is free to do what they want

Go out on YT and look for Alex Kenis.

He has vids on every aspect of 2130's, 2208's, their installs and their differences.

THAT is where you will find all your answers. :-)

not really tbh. I heard tmc2130's stealchop is weaker and not great. specially at 12v and spreadcycle isn't very silent unless you upgrade to 24v!

Appreciate the reply, but can you point me in a direction as far as uart vs spi?

well both are simply methods of comunicating. SPI needs one less pin but on the anycubic board it means you have to take it out and solder something to the header. I think the expansion headers. meanwhile tmc2208 can be used standalone without extra wiring or simply by plugging their TX pin into a header.