TO Sensor Abnormal ABS

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Just tried my hand at printing with ABS on my Mega-S and i am getting TO Sensor Abnormal when ever i try and raise the bed temperature above 83 degrees, is this normal?

Hello there. I know it's already too late for you but I want to share my experience. I was getting this error message too when I was trying to print abs. The problem was on the part which I want to print not on my Anycubic i3 mega. I used another slicer and I could print without any problem. Probably caused by a mesh issue at the 3d object.

I have a Mega-s which has been printing only ABS since I got it. I run my bed at 105 degrees with no errors. Maybe your bed has a bad thermistor or there is a connection issue (dry solder/faulty cable or badly seated connector)?

Would a bad thermistor give the error at any temperature? my issue is only when i try and go over 83 degrees. Thank you for your reply

Changed out the printer build plate, all is well now!

What do you mean by: printer build plate. Motherboard?
I have same trouble with T0 Sensor abnormal.

The print bed, the part that your objects get printed on.