Best Slicer to use?

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Currently I am using the latest version of Cura for my slicer but is that the best one to use? I have heard good things about Prusa but never used it. Can anyone give their input and insight into the different slicer and if it is worthwhile to change? Thanks.

Going to come back and answer my own question. I tried Cura and I tried PrusaSlicer, both work ok. They are free and you get what you pay for. Then I tried Simplify3D and it is hands down the best slicer if you are looking for quality prints.

With Prusa their "Rafts" are a joke. I had 4 Mando thigh armor pieces fail 80% the way through. Lost an entire roll. Switched to Simplify and easy as pie. GREAT rafts, excellent support, remove VERY easy but hold great and don't break until you break them and then they come off clean.

Yes Simplify is $149 but again, you get what you pay for. It is my goto slicer now.

I tried Cura, Prusaslicer, Simplify and Idea maker with my i3 mega, cr-10, sapphire pro and my custom built hypercube. For me I get the best results after years of tweaking with all slicers out of simplify. The results with cura and Prusaslicer are basically the same, Prusaslicer does offer nicer features like Seam painting and custom supports are easier. For me Cura has the best interface, searching every setting is just faster than everything else. Ideamaker is also very interesting. With ideamaker the layers' transitions are not as good as the ones with cura, but the overall quality was better for me. Because of that I used Ideamaker mostly for printing with my i3 mega.
Conclusion: every slicer has it's own advantages. You may get the best print quality with simplify3d and maybe you can get great print quality as well with Ideamaker, but this requires a bit of tweaking. Cura offers the biggest community and Prusaslicer offers the best features for custom supports and seams.
These are only my experiences. Maybe the results will be completely different as you are using a different filament brand or something else. I recommend you to try the slicers as well, it is definitely worth it.

Does the quality of the prints with Simplify justify the price?

For me it does, but you can try simplify for 2 weeks for free. Just try and make your own opinion on it.

I have used the prusa with my mega x , no problem. I mostly use Simplify though, as it has profiles for my 4 printers, saved, and so one stop solution. IMO, the prusa give the best top surface, but for supports, model manipulation and no of machines supported, has to be simplify, irst choice

Hi, prussa have\ a good profile for anycubic printers, but the mega x is not there at moment , in configuration wizard select anycubic mega s,
then in 'general' alter the size of bed to mega x dimensions, and the z height as well, the nozzle size TO MATCH yours,usualy 0.4
the only other you may want to set are temp, bed and extuder to suit filament, i use bed 60, extruder 210, as start point, keep rest at default,

Thank you very much, Shire.

no problem, hope all goes well, mine does print well, let me know if i can help further.

Shire, I just got a Mega X for Christmas, so I'm green to 3d printing. Could you possibly share your Mega X profile for Prusa?

Agreed, Simplify is great. Thanks for the suggestion.