Mega x print fan not working

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Hello guys, recently my print cooling fan decided to stop working. The fan itself isn't broken. Fan connector on the smaller board output shows 0v. Any suggestions what could be the problem?

I have a Mega-S, not a Mega-X, but I think I'd start by determining if it is a problem with the motherboard, the wiring to that little daughterboard, or the daughterboard itself. Using a multimeter you should be able to check continuity between the ends of the fan wire and through the daughterboard. As for testing the motherboard itself, make sure the fan is actually on (sending an M106 using the Octoprint terminal or pronterface should do it), set the multimeter for DC volts, and check the header on the motherboard for voltage. If it is a motherboard problem you can either get a new motherboard, or there may be a way to work around it... possibly by connecting your stepper driver cooling fan directly to 12v and then borrowing that header for your part cooling fan and installing a custom firmware and reassigning your part cooling fan to that header. If it's not the motherboard, it's very likely something you can solve with a soldering iron and some wire.

i just checked few videos and im not sure now which fan connector is which is the red one i circled is part cooling fan?

its interesting because this one works no matter what, I made a test print with cooling fan turned off and it still keeps going