Heatbed on 0 degree

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Hello, I have the problem that mid-print the bed temperature dropped to 0. I replaced the NTC and the cables but still, the temperature is still on 0. I took the resistance of the NTC and I got near 100 k ohms. Now I'm running out of options because I don't want to buy a new heatbed because I don't know if the problem is the heatbed or the motherboard. Does someone know what I could do?

Although this is a troubleshooting guide for another printbed, you could borrow some idea's from https://www.asensar.com/article/3dprinting/heatbed-troubleshooting-guide.html

There's apparently another comment on this, but I cannot see it. Therefore, apologies if I'm being redundant. :-)

Is it possible to swap the thermistor leads from your heated bed and your hot end? What I mean is the leads specifically to the motherboard. If you do that, and the hot end reads at 0C, I would venture to say the issue is with your motherboard, not with the heated bed.

Further apologies if you have already tried this, but sometimes even something as simple as reflashing your firmware can solve the problem. It sounds strange, but stranger things have happened. :-)