Homing problem UPDATE

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Can any one help? Video attached along with a pic of the mother board.


Not sure how far you've got with setting up this printer or whether this is a new problem when the printer was working previously. However, from the video and what you were doing, it looks to me like the bed clearance has not been adjusted before homing. If you are initially setting up the machine, screw down the bed adjusting screws until they're all fairly tight. This will give you maximum clearance between the nozzle and bed. Then home the printer. The Z limit switch should be hit and activated before the nozzle hits the bed. The X and Y axes usually home before the Z so if the printer isn't homing them first, check the endstops. I'm not familiar with this exact printer but it looks like a typical i3 design. The X axis is definitely homing, but not sure about the Y. Usually it homes X and Y just off the bed but if your design homes on the edge of the bed, you will need to set up the Z clearance, otherwise it'll keep hitting it and you're gonna bust things.

Not sure about the issue but I see a connector that looks overheated or damaged somehow.
Check that anyway !

That has nothing to do with it, its running and heating up fine.

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are your z screws even touching the switches on each side? Maybe they got loose or misaligned: https://youtu.be/6QhUgq4C008?t=271
the lower head of the screw should touch the switch. In the video it shows him adjusting the upper head.

They are touching. But when pressed down only one makes a beeping noise and the other one doesn't. Idk if that would make a difference or not

Clicking noise?
Mine make no sound (besides the switches clicking) but a have an old mega-s. Your seams to be a mega (older than mine).
Test your z stops by elevating the gantry like 5cm or more, than switching each one with your fingers (with not a so long interval, otherwise the gantry will continue to drop at one side). If it activates with your finger, you have to adjust the z screws. If not, the problem may be on the switch itself or its connection to the main board. Finally, exchange the switches and see if it works on the other side. If it does, cabble connections or board.