Anycubic axis jam inconsistent


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My Anycubic i3 Mega has started to intermitantly jam at the same point along the x axis, but inconsistently.

The carriage is smooth along the start of the x axis (when I manually push it, printer turned off) until about half way and then it hits an invisible wall and becomes hard to push. If you put a fair bit of pressure, it feels a little like it skips, but then it is okay along the rest of the axis.

On some prints it is fine, while on others I can come back and see that the x-axis has not moved for several minutes and there is a massive blob in a line where only the y-axis has been moving.

Could somebody make some suggestions of what it might be and what it definately isn't...

  • Belt doesn't look terrible.
  • Can't see the teeth on the motor and that looks like a pain to get to
  • Stepper motor's internal gears?
  • Can the drivers have a physical affect?
  • Bearings?

Thanks in advance

Maybe unscrew the motor and test it, it's not that much of an issue to do. Also, I'd clean the steel rods (don't apply oil / grease, they don't need to be lubricated..) and closely inspect the area for damage. My wager is on the belt, tough.. Seems you have some maintenance to do!

Before you take everything apart: I've had a similar case, where loose a cable got caught on an edge. That might be easy to spot.

Could be material (dirt) or a damage between 2 teeth of the belt. This would explain a resistance when the affects area of the belt reaches the gear wheel. The point of resistance would be on a different position between moving right and left (between 50% and 75% of the gear wheel perimeter) in case my theory is true.

Else I would remove the belt and check the belt, the 'x move' and the motor twist.

Power off.
Unplug the cable to the X motor and then test the movement.
If it skips, well...
If it moves fine, plug the cable back in, test again,
If it skips, you potentially have an intermittent short across motor windings in the wiring harness.
My .02¢, your mileage may vary.

Drivers are electronic and will have zero effect on things when you're moving it with your hand.. so yeah, belt, motor, idler pulley.. something like that. I think if you took it apart a bit so you can move things independently it would become obvious. It does look like there is a bit of fraying or something weird with the belt.