Anycubic Crimp Connectors Hotend Cable

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Hi @ all

I've got a faulty wire in the cable leading to the hotend of my MegaS. I wanted to switch out all the wires but found that none of my crimp connectors fit. I've tried the standard Dupont and a 2.54mm JST-connector. I can't get neither of them into the green terminal that you plug into the hotend.

So, here's the question: could anyone post a link to suitable crimp connectors?

Since I'm not sure that I use the right terminology I'll attach an image of what I believe is called crimp connector :-)

All the best

I simply soldered each cable ending to the new fan i got

Hi Bruno

Thanks for your quick reply. Thanks to that I start to have an idea. However, there's one thing that's not really clear to me: There are 2 fans and the thermistoir with 2 wires each. That should cover 6 of the wires that go from the mainboard to the hotend. However, there are 14 altogether. What happens to the remaining 8 wires? Are they all connected to the heat cadrige? If so: what to do with them?

You intend to swap all the wires, from the hotend to the main board? I only messed with was inside the fanbox. Sorry, i don't have your answer.

No problem, thanks for your input anyway because now i'm a step further in regards to the fans :-)