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Noise, Can anyone help i have replaced all fans and changed drivers, but i am intermittently getting this vibration noise but i cant work of where it is coming from. i think it is from the carriage somewhere.

Is it a metallic sound? Then it may be that your belt is too tight. You should be able to press the belt together without resistance. Tight belts come in different flavores. Just search for it on Youtube.

Maybe the Z screws that like to wobble, they made noise that was really hard to find...


AnyCubic i3 Mega Z-Refenzschalter-Optimierung

Is it during movement only, or no? If it's only during movement, maybe a bad idler pulley, linear bearings, or something out of alignment. Otherwise I can't think of anything other than fans.

If its the sound that appears fith faster x moves:
I had my idler disintegrated, but it didn't make any sound. I replaced my bearings for expensive ones, no difference. I think it is resonance, induced from the motors and motion system, from the z screws and rods and x rods with the whole printer acting as a speaker. What helps is putting foam under the printer and maybe replace the x motor with better resonances (Seen a Youtube video from a Prusa printer that tackles that issue). Replacing just the driver doesn't help