My extruder stepper motor cord snapped.

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The cord that goes to the filament runout sensor and the stepper motor for the extruder broke and I don’t own a soldering iron. I would like to buy a new cord but I can’t find one ANYWHERE. The cord I’m talking about is right under the red and green wires you plug in to set up your printer.

I'm with Bikecyclist. Buy a cheap soldering iron and learn to fix it that way. The alternative is likely trying to source a cable directly from Anycubic, and that seems like a much bigger pain in the a__. It's a proprietary cable. I mean, I suppose you could also get the right ends and crimpers and whatnot to build your own, but again... soldering together what you have seems a lot easier.

Alright. I’m a younger beginner and getting into the hobby this was not what I wanted to happen. Never soldered and I’m scared to upgrade my printer because I don’t have the money to replace it. I have 40$ off of selling prints lol.

Ah, I see. It is worth a try contacting Anycubic. I did so when my Vyper had a problem, and they sent me the needed replacement parts without a hassle and fairly quickly (it was a warranty case, though). The only part that was a bit annoying was to find the right order number to enter into their web interface to prove I'm a genuine customer, but after that, everthing went smoothly and efficiently.

I had trouble with their web interface. I think I’m stupid. Do they have a number or an email?


I got past the interface by trying out all the various numbers in the emails, order confirmations etc. It was not exavtly obvious which one they asked for, and I don't remember which one did the trick. I simply brute-forced it ;-)

Well, soldering will be cheaper and easier than the alternatives imo, and it's not that difficult. There are plenty of tutorials online (YouTube etc). Soldering two wires together is also the easiest kind of soldering there is. The main thing beginners get wrong is they try to melt the solder with the iron and drip it on to the cold wire, which doesn't work. Heat the wire with the iron and you should be good.

What I figured. Again I'm a beginner and soldering does seem like a good skill to have. Thanks for the advice though.

If you feel up to learning a new skill, you could buy a soldering iron now :-) It's not a difficult skill, and if you don't get it right the first time, you'll find out quickly and can just try again. Pretty good usefulness-to-effort ratio, too!