3d printer receives radio

Anycubic Anycubic_i3_Mega_X Problem

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How the hell does my printer play radio. Just in the middle of printing it changes the screen and plays music....

Anycubic Mega X
new vents, TMC2209 driver.

a Short Video

I'm interested to see what they say! My first guess is the gcode file is corrupted by not ejecting the SD card, and you used it to store music on sometime before that. You could read it into a text editor such as notepad and scroll to the bottom. If it's garbled, that's the problem.

It's either EMI or actual gcode commands. I can't think of any other possibility. The printer would have no way of knowing how to interpret any regular music file format. If a bit of an mp3 or something was combined in to a gcode file you still wouldn't get music.

True. Most audio is compressed, and wouldn't be audible if pumped directly into a stepper motor. I was thinking of BLHeli or Floppotron type audio through motors. A corrupt file could still cause an unexpected freeze that could lock up the stepper. It might hum with current flowing, and the wire could be the perfect length to act as an antenna. If it's an FM frequency, say 100 MHz, a 1/4 wave would be 75cm, divided to dipole would be 37.5 cm, but the wires are next to each other making it a bad antenna, but it's happening. lol

The video is marked private so I can't really watch it, but yes... there is gcode to play tones from your speaker assuming you have a speaker that can do that and not just single tone buzzers. In fact there are websites that will convert midi files in to gcode to play through the speaker in your 3d printer. For printers without a speaker there are similar sites to convert midi in to music that actually plays using the stepper motors, though it works a lot better with the noisier A4988 stepper drivers rather than the trinamic ones.

Of course I'm assuming you're not talking about actual radio, because that would be a talented printer.

Now u can See the Video. Its Not MIDI sounds i think

Well, it's not midi. Maybe it's being done with the steppers? I haven't played around with that enough to know what is possible but I do think I see your Y axis moving around in a weird way in the brief moments it's in the frame.

I had it before, a bit longer ago. Which also did not go long.
Now it was certainly almost 5 min long.

And my display no longer showed the normal state, was distorted and has itself constantly gone through the menu.

Tomorrow i will contact the anycubic Support.

PLEASE keep us updated, VERY interested to hear the outcome.