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I have a test cube of 101010mm. I did the slicing with Cura. In the Post Processing plugin where I set the pause at the 25th layer the retraction value is equal to 0.0.
When the machine stops, if I also press "pause" (to then be able to resume) the machine tells me "Command has ben sent, wait for response" but I get no response and everything stays still.
The only way to resume printing is to switch the machine off and on again, press on "Print", indicate the file and press "Resume". Up to this point the filement is in place ready for extrusion.
However, when the extruder moves to resume printing, the filament retracts by about 4 or 5 cm, so the extruder moves but printing does not take place.
To remedy the problem I have to press "Pause" again, push the filament up to the extruder and press "continue" and printing resumes.
The "Pause" command requires a small amount of time before taking effect, so in the meantime the extruder has moved idle and that small idle path is missing in the print.
I added .3mf and .gcode filesw
Obviously this seems like an unorthodox way of working
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


How do you send the code to the printer ?

  • SD Card ?
  • Octoprint ?
  • Other ?

Firmware : stock or other ?

Anycubic i3 Mega / S - Cura Plugin for Filament Change/Color Change during Print v1.5
by RonX666