Anycubic Mega S - Clicking sound from extruder

Anycubic anycubic_i3_Mega_S

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For a month I have been encountering this problem with my printer. I start to print something and after a few minutes, a click sounds in the extruder and it stops feeding filament.

I have tried everything that occurred to me, leveling the bed, replacing the nozzle, changing the hotend, changing the bowden tube...

I have verified that there was no type of obstruction, and I have even tried to feed the filament without a nozzle installed, but the problem continued to persist.

Sometimes I can see filament grind when it stops printing, I have disassembled the extruder and cleaned the debris from the gears and adjusted the nut to press in different ways to check if it worked, but I have not had any success.

It is a printer with about 2 years,

Any idea what it could be?

Something else to consider - I have had this issue in the past. I found it to be the filament wound too tightly, or jamming, on the spool. Releasing the tension on the spool resolved the issue.

Thank you all for the answers, I have replaced it with a BMG one and it has worked without any problem, now I just need to do the calibration.

Unfortunately it is because the one sided gear extruder that came with the printer is inferior and prone to getting filament wedged and stuck inside. This started happening for my machine at the end of my first year with it. So I just bought a dual gear extruder (specifically the V2.0 BMG, right handed) and never have had that issue again. The gears grip the filament on either side. It's a worthy investment and fairly easy to replace

Provided extruder requires time-to time remove the front side and very carefully clean all mess inside. Remove the three bolts and the extruder plastic cover. Small pieces of filament jams the gearing and it causes nasty sound and bad transport of filament. Use compressed air to clean it.
Replacing the extrder by other, dual gear would be better solution, but more complicated and expensive.