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Anycubici3 mega excruder heating too slow

by necaettin

Excruder is heating too slovely. 1 or 2 degree per 10 seconds. Could you help please.

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by Bc320

I completely regret changing from the stock extruder to the Aero Titan clone from Triablelabs and from the stock hotend to the V6 from trianglelabs. The extruder would either chew teh shit out of the filament or be too loose. The hot end keeps clogging. I tried to go back to the stock extruder to see if I could use that with the V6 hotend and the damn push-to-connect that the bowden tube goes in sheared off inside the top piece. So no that is useless. I had printed a different one before buying the Titan but I had upgraded hoping to get better dimensional accuracy. It shows in the printed piece. It is enough out of size that just barely feeds the filament and there is no way to to put more tension on it.

I did buy a BMG Clone but won't see it for a month or so.

Guess I put the the titan POS on there and try putting the stock hot end back.

Stupid printer.

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extruder advice?

by Bc320

Looking for advice on extruders. I picked up a TriangleLabs Titan extruder and installed it. I think some of my print issues I am having can be traced back to this extruder. I have it all calibrated. If I just feed filament, not print, the filament tends to slip and grind. If I adjust the tension on the screw to the point it doesn't slip the extruder chews the hell out of the filament.

My original also chewed the hell out of the filament but this one is worse. Thinking I may reinstall original, maybe the titan clone is better for direct drive, however I am not sure.

Could there be an issue on the hotend that preventing it stuff from moving smoothly? I have a V6 hot end that I added.

All this just to get quieter fans. And, if I can figure out how with the current marlin set up, add BL Touch.

So freaking frustrated right now.

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5V maximum current draw?

by AmyTheBun

So I made a z probe myself with a servo but the problem is I don't know what the maximum current of the 5V lane is. does anyone know anything?
ramps can't handle enough current apparently. what about trigorilla?

5v_Power_Supply current probe
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