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I would like to use a dual (2 in 1) head

by dcm102

I change the firmware after installing the 2 in 1 heat head on Linear Plus, but how should I do it?
Please tell me if there are suitable items in Arduino.
I also want to move two extruders.
Slicer uses cura.

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Old Kossel printer, driver upgrade issue

by Carpenoctem

Hello all, first time posting.

I bought one of these printers about 2 years ago, so I'm sure the boards on the recent ones have been upgraded by now.
From what I can tell it's the same as the Kossel mini (180mm advertised build area).

The board I believe is an Atmel mega 25XX and the allegro drivers are soldered on the board with no breakouts.
My question is what will be needed to add breakouts to upgrade the drivers?

I know it is easier to just replace the board, but I have a Tronxy printer with an ARM board, and another DIY printer with a smootieboard v1 with basically the same situation. Hate to not to use a $130 board because of the drivers.

If there is no way, then what do you recommend in 32bit boards that have been set up with the kossel mini hardware (I hate fiddling with the firmware) and can I get your firmware, so I can just get it up and running? Also, that have breakouts for future driver upgrades?
I have made some upgrades to some of the mechanics, but nothing that changes the dimensions that would require changes in the base firmware

Included pic is of the board in question, from the manual.

breakout kossel stepper_driver upgrade
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Identify board

by zouzousaade

Hello dear friends, it's the third time I write this paragraph for some reason I'm not able to post a new topic to this group easily, ok let me explain my situation, a few months back I bought a kossel Delta (Chinese clone) please forgive me for going to this clone but in my country the good ones cost 500$ at least, so after a while I got familiar with the printer and such so I grew bolder and wanted to upgrade the firmware to the latest Marlin (greedy I know) I always thought the controller board was either a ramps or trigorilla (clones) unfortunately they were not and I learned this the hard way (flashed many compiled hex files while changing the MOTHERBOARD parameter) but the same thing (1 motor keeps ticking as if having a command, blank LCD and doesn't execute any gcode sent from the raspberry pi or from the PC directly connected)
So if anyone can help me identify this board and/or provide a config file that get it back to life I would highly appreciate it, so sorry but the board writings are all Chinese which is so annoying the only thing that might be useful is the microcontroller is atmega 2560

ATMega2560 controller kossel
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Fried Trigorilla Board

by thadjenkins

So I fried my board. I saw a small spark when I went to plug in my Pi to the usb port (Did a bad job of resoldering the heated bed fuse, corrected it). A quick inspection leads me to believe that it's the part highlighted below. Does anybody know what this is and if it's worth buying another and resoldering?

edit: Added actual photo of the board.

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Identify what board is this

by zouzousaade

Hello dear friends, as 99% of topics ill start by saying I'm new to here and to 3D printing, let me explain my situation, a while back i got a delta kossel 3D printer (Chinese clone) since it was the only one available in my country (with a reasonable price), after a while i got familiar to it, and enjoyed it a lot, and then disaster struck (my stupidity/curiosity) i wanted to update the firmware (which was Marlin V1) to the latest i could find Marlin V1.1.x, the problem is i thought the boards was RAMPS or something close, but unfortunately it was not (had to test them all) the problem is whenever I upload a new firmware (from Arduino IDE) all goes well, but when the flashing is done, the LCD screen doesn't show anything, the COM monitor on Arduino shows it started with all info showing, but nothing, i cant control it from octoprint/cura/gcode (using the Arduino IDE COM monitor) and 1 of the motors keep ticking as if i sent it a command, my doubt is i'm getting the MOTHERBOARD wrong in the config (and the LCD parameters also wrong, but ill cross that bridge when i get to it), so any help would be highly appreciated, ill provide some pictures in case anyone can identify the board or guide me in any direction, and I'm so sorry but there are virtually no English labels on the board (its all in Chinese)

controller kossel
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