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Anycubic Kossel Linear - Slider question

by Jimbob_McCoi

A short question - how heavy / tight may / should the linear sliders of the Kossel linear Plus run?

The print head is not installed yet and I can still move the sliders back and forth by hand.

In my case they do not slip 100% from top to bottom. They stop at different points, but can be easily pushed again with the finger and then continue to run.

I already cleaned the sliders and the rails with brake cleaner and then rubbed them with silicone grease.

The question now is how smoothly must the sliders run so that there are no problems during operation?

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my kossel with 1.1.8 after homing go to z=230.03 ... why ?

by marcottt

Hi, my printer anytcubic kossel plus after G28 make homing and then go down to 230.03.... it is too much low !!
There is a way to have after homing a park to higher value ? like 290 ?

i tried to disable #define DELTA_HOME_TO_SAFE_ZONE statement and work but after homing printer stay to top position pressing the endstop switch... is not good because swith work bad.

i tried put

Any idea ? i'm using marlin 1.1.8

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Help With Heated Bed

by JBlock4

Ever since I got my Anycubic kossel almost 2 years ago, I knew that the heated bed it came with doesn't work. However, If i try to power the heat bed externally with a power supply it works, but when i try to plug it into the main board and alter the code to recognize it it does not heat up. A closer look on the main board shows that the indicator light for the heat bed stays off, so i'm assuming the board isn't supplying any power to the bed, but it still says "Heating". Has anyone else encountered this error, and if so, how can I fix it?

heatbed Mainboard
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Magnetic print bed

by sd_042

Has anyone put a magnetic print bed on their AnyCubic Kossel? I have one on my Wanhao I3+ and my FF CP and it's incredibly convenient.

I have a AnyCubic kossel linear plus and I'm thinking about buying a 250mm magnetic print bed, trimming it to shape and using it and I was wondering if anyone else did it already.

Regarding the AnyCubic kossel linear plus: WOW, that's a good printer and I'm having fun with it.

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IdeaMaker? best slicer my favorite now with round base support

by Dave57000

good news all IdearMaker now supports round/elipes bases which means you can use it with your kossel and you can now put supports just were you want then and get rid off the ones you dont want cool and its free download from here
this is a copy of the start gcode i use, it primes the head just off the bed so most of the time you can set it going and leave it. going to make a v shaped fillement catcher to stick on the bed to work with it when i have a mo . use it at your own risk

G28 X0 Y0
G28 Z0
M420 S1
G1 Z20.0 F{travel_xy_speed}
G92 E0
G1 X125 Y0
G1 F140 E29
G1 X20 Y0 F{travel_xy_speed} E30
G92 E0
G1 F{travel_xy_speed}
M117 Life is Cool

keep 2d printing cool

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