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Magnetic effector

by thadjenkins

Has anyone had any luck with magnetic effectors? I'm currently using https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1584513, and at random points during prints random magnetic joints break loose and drop the effector. I've gone through great lengths to keep the diagonal rods the exact same length and am using the CURA stock PLA settings. I have the print speed set @60. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Kossel based magnetic effector + self-locking carriages (12 mm magnets)
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did anyone tried to make bowden tube directly to nozzle?

by marcottt

I'm working about some problem with nozzle and standard extruder. I think about to change dramatically it and put bowden tube starting from motor and going, trough the coupler, inside heatsink, trough the little pfte up the throat, trough the throat, until tto nozzle (inside a throat) ?

in this way i can remove many point where material change path.... (hope my english is enough... )

Any test this ? what problem i can have ?

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dual extruder

by dcm102

I would like to make E1 effective with linear plus to make it dual extruder, but do you have to correct or add other than the below?
The motherboard is TRIGORILLA.
We use Y type 2 in 1 out TL - Feederbowden prometheus System with single nozzle.


define EXTRUDERS 1→2

//#define SINGLENOZZLE //←take


define EXTRUDE_MINTEMP 170 //←To add

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TMC2100 Stepper drivers with anycubic kossel

by ricki_s

Hi, has anyone tried the kossel with this driver? Is it possible? I'm looking to upgrade to them as the reviews say they're quiter bit was looking for any experience with them before I go forward. There's a seller on aliexpress that is selling these. Apologies if this has been asked before b

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my kossel with 1.1.8 after homing go to z=230.03 ... why ?

by marcottt

Hi, my printer anytcubic kossel plus after G28 make homing and then go down to 230.03.... it is too much low !!
There is a way to have after homing a park to higher value ? like 290 ?

i tried to disable #define DELTA_HOME_TO_SAFE_ZONE statement and work but after homing printer stay to top position pressing the endstop switch... is not good because swith work bad.

i tried put

Any idea ? i'm using marlin 1.1.8

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