my kossel with 1.1.8 after homing go to z=230.03 ... why ?

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Hi, my printer anytcubic kossel plus after G28 make homing and then go down to 230.03.... it is too much low !!
There is a way to have after homing a park to higher value ? like 290 ?

i tried to disable #define DELTA_HOME_TO_SAFE_ZONE statement and work but after homing printer stay to top position pressing the endstop switch... is not good because swith work bad.

i tried put

Any idea ? i'm using marlin 1.1.8

You can change this by "Offset Z" from LCD panel in Setup-Movement menu.
Don't forget to save changes in eeprom from same panel.

From what I have read "SAFE_ZONE" is a calculated value done within Marlin. It is a point at which the end effector can move to the maximum bed positions without any carriage crashing to Z_MAX. I do not know if there is a way to bypass the calculated amount and set your own value. For myself I did not set the DELTA_HOME_TO_SAFE_ZONE and I have my Kossel delta home to Z_MAX.

but if i disable it, printer stay homed with sensor pressed at very top position... i don't think is a good way for simple meccanical stress of sensor

My Anycubic Kossel Delta Plus is nine months old and except for about 3 days has been homing to Z_Max. So far the limits are still operating correctly. I decided to not use the safe homing because I preferred getting the end effector out of the way while unloading or working on prepping the bed. Maybe an upgrade to optical is in order. If you decide to go that way, you may find something on Thingiverse. If not and you design an upgrade please share.

so when you make homing your printer go on top limit and then stay top with switch pressed until next print ? if you confirm no problem i'll try again

Yes. That is the way my printer homes. So far no switch issues. Are you seeing symptoms that make you suspect that there is a switch problem?

Really not... Simple i do not like. But if is ok for you I'll try

An idea came to me to fix the issue if you still need to. In Marlin you could set up a custom user menu item to do homing that contains a G28 command followed by a G1 command to position the Z height to what ever you want. In your slicer you could add a G1 command in the end gcode to do the same.