Changing microstepping on a Trigorilla?

Anycubic Firmware Marlin microstep The_Zesty_Nimble trigorilla

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So I've just updated my Anycubic Linear Kossel XL to use a Nimble extruder, and following the installation instructions I'd like to change the extruder microstepping from 1/16 (default) to 1/4 -- I'm worried that if I can't, I'll either need to find some weirdo 3.6 degree stepper or change boards to avoid processor-capping, and neither of those options is attractive just now. However, I can't find jumpers for changing microstepping on the Trigorilla board, and when I tried setting the microstepping from 16 to 4 for E0 & E1 in the firmware in the Marlin advanced configuration .h file (MICROSTEP_MODES, I think, can't check right now), it didn't have an effect.

Is there a way to change microstepping on a Trigorilla board, or is it locked into 1/16?

Might be able to cut the traces on the board or snap the pins off the driver board if it is capable of doing microstepping on it's own...check to see if the driver needs those pins brought low or not to operate
I think the new Marlin has support for Trigorilla boards v1.3 and v1.4

TriGorilla board

Found this

Hope that helps

trigorilla doesn't have any jumpers and steps are fixed to maximum allowed, depend on the driver. With tmc2208 or tmc2130 drivers you could select an other microstepping setup from software if you wire UART/SPI communication.

Okay, good to have confirmation on that. I'll check out the drivers you mentioned. Thanks!