Magnetic print bed

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Has anyone put a magnetic print bed on their AnyCubic Kossel? I have one on my Wanhao I3+ and my FF CP and it's incredibly convenient.

I have a AnyCubic kossel linear plus and I'm thinking about buying a 250mm magnetic print bed, trimming it to shape and using it and I was wondering if anyone else did it already.

Regarding the AnyCubic kossel linear plus: WOW, that's a good printer and I'm having fun with it.

I recently bought this overlay from aliexpress
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/240mm-Round-Magnetic-adhesive-Print-Bed-Tape-Print-Sticker-Build-Plate-Tape-FlexPlate-for-DIY-Kossel/32881734742.html?spm= a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dd7kMID

Because it is round, you need to determine the correct position by rotating the upper part to get the maximum attraction.

Works OK, but only if the print is not too wider. When I started the long and narrow parts, the ends of this when shrinking, began to lift the cover up.

in my opinion, the magnetic force is too small.

Thanks Everyone, I really appreciate the input and links!

I've used the magnetic surface on my ender3pro and liked it, so i have the same plan as you to order some ezpeelzy and cutting it to size for my AnyCubic Kossel since I don't have a heated bed and only do PLA on it.

Hi, I've not used one on the Kossel yet but I made my own for the Anet A6 and E12 and they work pretty well I think. I removed the heat bed and using silicone adhesive, attached 20 - 30 Neodymium magnets to the underside of the heat bed in a grid layout. I trimmed some stainless (Ferritic) sheet, 0.7mm thick, to fit the bed exactly and then stuck a Build-Tak surface to it. It works a treat and because nothing is permanently attached to the top surface of the heat bed, I can also use a glass tile if I wish. I'll probably use the same technique on the Kossel as some of the models get fairly enthusiastically adhered to the current "Anycubic" surface and my experience with PETG is that it's worse than PLA for this, often taking chunks out of the build surface on a fixed bed and at least knocking the calibration out on the Cartesian printers as you struggled to remove the model. Because the magnetic build sheet is flexible, you can remove it from the bed and flex it slightly and the model just pops off.

I have no idea if they are good but search for the following numbers on Aliexpress:

32944269752 (i think it's a magnetic set of two, translation not very clear)

Trimming is not necessary and it is not too expensive. I myself use the ultrabase on my Kossel, not very satisfied and i'm thinking of replacing it with PEI (works very well on other printer).