Help With Heated Bed

heatbed Mainboard

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Ever since I got my Anycubic kossel almost 2 years ago, I knew that the heated bed it came with doesn't work. However, If i try to power the heat bed externally with a power supply it works, but when i try to plug it into the main board and alter the code to recognize it it does not heat up. A closer look on the main board shows that the indicator light for the heat bed stays off, so i'm assuming the board isn't supplying any power to the bed, but it still says "Heating". Has anyone else encountered this error, and if so, how can I fix it?

When you want to use the heatbed, you need to supply the power through the additional inputs on the main board, not through the plug.


The green marked boards are where the power connections from the big power supply should go.

you are right. although the main power to bed is supplied by an external mosfet, the trigorilla still needs a power signal on the "bed power input" connector to have the (little) power to drive the mosfet