Anycubic Kossel Linear - Slider question

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A short question - how heavy / tight may / should the linear sliders of the Kossel linear Plus run?

The print head is not installed yet and I can still move the sliders back and forth by hand.

In my case they do not slip 100% from top to bottom. They stop at different points, but can be easily pushed again with the finger and then continue to run.

I already cleaned the sliders and the rails with brake cleaner and then rubbed them with silicone grease.

The question now is how smoothly must the sliders run so that there are no problems during operation?

I just assembled mine last week and without belts on the sliders would not stay in place and I could move the print head up and down with ease, no friction at all, I also cleaned the rails and put a dry silicone on the rails and the head moved effortlessly all around then I attached the belts and got them tight with the belt adjusters and now it takes a bit of pressure to move, last night I took and pushed the assembly down and my screen lit up blue for a second and it’s not even plugged in, I guess the motors turning created a voltage that created the screen to light up, anyway I slowly put it back up to the stops and now it’s just waiting for me to plug it in and do the bed leveling test and go from there, I’ve been testing out my i3 so my new Kossel is getting neglected at the moment.

Some of mine were garbage from the factory and I had to replace 2 of the 3. The bad ones would stick and would not move with just a finger press. You probably have already, but if it is missing balls that can also cause problems. Usually there are a couple extra attached to the bags the rails ship in. You may also find that the slight sticking will go away with some cycling (I did that with the good ones I had and it seemed to help). I was able to get one the two bad rails to a working condition using some sacrificial 3/32" Inch ball bearings and some loctite clover mixed with oil, and then cycled the rails till they were smooth. After that I thoroughly cleaned them, and put the original balls back in. That was on the extreme end and I was otherwise gonna toss them. I found that the original ball bearings worked better than the replacements though my replacement bearings were better quality (so it was a good thing I did not use those with the clover compound). All three of mine (and the one extra), now move very smoothly with no sticking.