Anycubic linear plus 20mm cube not 20mm

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Good day all.
1st thing - my diag rods are not 271.5mm as what I see in the 1.1.9 marlin firmware I got here at thingiverse. I just measured them with a ruler(only thing I had on hand) and they are more like 268mm. In any case, a 20mm cube are printing 19.80mm in x and y. I did reduce my delta_diagonal_rod from 271.5 to 269.5 and now x and y are closer at 19.95 (can maybe reduce to 269). BUT I have a problem with the z height, it measures 20.25mm. My delta were bought from anycubic on December 2018, I only replaced steppers with tmc2208 on xyz and installed a original e3d v6 and titan extruder. Can`t think it will be my steps per mm on xyz. I must add that I have a 0.10mm z-axis offset in simplify3d to lift the nozzle 0.10 on 1st layer (maybe due to nozzle/bed heat).
Any advice will be apreciated.

Mmh, the rods are 267mm long. Are you using Cura?
In my experience cura likes to mess with Z height

Thanks for the reply. No simplify3d, but seems like I found my problem - over extrusion - I had capricorn tubing from extruder to hotend installed, and my steps per mm was 406 for 100mm filament - I removed the capricorn ptfe and installed the stock bowden pipe that came with the kossel due to blobs/zits problem. Now with the new bowden pipe my steps are 400 and that extrudes exactly 100mm filament and my z are 20.05. Yes the rods may be 267, must maybe get myself some big ass digital calipers - always needed.