Linear plus zits on corners

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Good day all

I have printed this bracelet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13505
It needs 1 perimiter, 0% infill, 0 top/bottom.
On all the corners I have what looks like zits/blobs. There are no retraction threw out the complete print - It basically prints like vase mode.

I am now thinking that my acceleration and or jerk settings are incorrect - seems like over extrusion on corners?

I`m on marlin 1.1.9 that I got here on thingiverse.

Maximum feedrates (units/s):
M203 X1000.00 Y1000.00 Z1000.00 E200.00
Maximum Acceleration (units/s2):
M201 X2000 Y2000 Z2000 E2000
Acceleration (units/s2): P R T
M204 P600.00 R3000.00 T1000.00
Advanced: B S T X Y Z E
M205 B20000 S0.00 T0.00 X10.00 Y10.00 Z10.00 E10.00

Any Ideas?

Stretchy Bracelet
by emmett