Nozzle near to bed

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Hello guys - after many hours of calibrating I finally managed that the nozzle has the same distance everywhere on the print bed.

Unfortunately it is everywhere ~ 0,12 mm too much. In which direction I have to adjust the Z-height to compensate this 0.12 mm. I don't want the nozzle to scratch my print bed.

So example 100 - 0,12 = 99,88 or 100 + 0,12 = 100,12?

The same question applies to Z-Offset

-14.60 - 0.12 = 14.72 or -14.60 + 0.12 = 14.48?

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You should add excessive distance to offset. So, -14.60 + 0.12 = - 14.48. It's simple to undersand, if you imagine calibration with z-probe triggered with nozzle-to-bed contact (with 0 offset). Than, adding negative offset will make "virtual zero level" higher above the bed. So, with lower absolute value of the offset we move nozzle closer to the bed.

So I only have to change the z-offset value and not both values - total height AND z-offset? So it's only enough to change the z-offset?

Then it must have been my mistake, because so far I have always changed both values as described above. It always didn't bring much.