Anycubic Linear Plus + SKR 1.3 - the best and cheapest upgrade

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I have tried several boards but this one is ultimate winner.
I saw it first time on Chris Basement video in combination with Prusa Mk3 and it is supported by Marlin 2.0.
I found BigTreeTech SKR 1.3 for 17 (seventheen) euros on AliExpress, waited for 2 weeks for delivery, previously I had LV8729 (128 step) and DRV8825 (32 step) drivers.
I have combined 8729 for XYZ and 8825 for extruder (First I have tried with A4988 on extruder but it was too loud).
Of course, it is fully compatible with A4988 drivers.

Marlin 2.0 is still in alpha stage but it does hell of a job.
BigTree has Marlin 2.0 firmware version on GitHub, but it is outdated in terms it is not compatible with latest Marlin 2.0 and there is no support for deltas - delta section is completely removed from BigTree config files.
Result was writing from scratch configuration files in latest Marlin 2.0, where Marlin team did great job with example config files for Anycubic kossel, it is a really new dimension in correlated functions and parameters in new config files + PlatformIO IDE is much better than Arduino IDE for work.

Summa summarum:

-100% compatible board with stock parts on AC Linear Plus
-Very fast and precise printing with Arc,Bezier curves and Linear Advance function on
-If you use 32+ steps drivers, you can hear only fans, finally you can print and sleep in same room
-Wide options in menu on M 2.0, you can literally do anything through menu options, i.e. pause, filament change etc works flawlessly
-Price: 17 € board... no comment...

There is only one downside on this board: hotend fan - it is always on when you turn your printer on because there is only one fan output on board and it is used for part cooling.
There is possible workaround to make some outputs on board to be configurable fan output, but I did not care about that.

Here are some results:

0,2mm print:


Video about silent run:

In next days I will upload config files and manual how to do it, till then, make some comments :-)

What microstep did you run LV8729 on?

Latest Marlin 2.0 have display issues, so if you need good working Marlin 2.0 version with SKR 1.3 for Linear Plus (or you can configure your own in config files), here it is:


Hi! Thank you for this post. I’m on Bigtreetech’s Aliexpress page, torn on driver choice. Can you help me decide if the 2130 spi drivers are more preferable to the 2208 uart in this application? Bigtree claims the 2130 adds a limit switch and blocking material detection. Are these features relevant to the kossel? Some say the 2208 adds more torque, would that be ideal? It looks like both are great; I’m more concerned with quality and reliability, the few dollars’ difference is negligible.

Also, they say that Marlin is the only firmware that uses the full potential of these chips, and smoothiware is more limited. What do you think?

Smoothie was problematic for me, I had no luck with configuring autoleveling sensor, than came SKR and for me Marlin has way more options. Best part is it is easy to understand and learn. Technically there are no limits, because you can write like me everything from zero, combining old good parameters from your or other peoples printers with new configs or even write totally new function...
Only problem is Marlin is not RC.

Thank you for your prompt reply, and for answering my second question. Now for the first, more important question: I'm already sold on the board with Marlin, would my Kossel be happier with the 2208 or the 2130 drivers? Do the limit switch and blocking detection offer real-world advantages? Is the 2208 better? I'm placing my order as soon as I know.

I have gave you answer but half text disappeared...
I have no experience with those drivers, so I do not know.

Lol, thank you for your patience, I really appreciate your efforts. I think I'm just going to flip a coin on this...after more research ;-) They both get lots of glowing attention, I probably can't go wrong.

Wow, this website...I've been a digital artist in the past. One thing I don't miss is janky, buggy, 'professional' websites and software. Oh well, it's worth it. I'm still very grateful.

Ok, so I really should have found the Teaching Tech youtube channel before posting here. This guy is insanely talented at teaching this stuff.

If anybody has the same question I had, the answer is that the 2208 will do 90% the same job as the 2130, and can handle a bit more power. Unless you buy it preconfigured for standalone use, the 2130, in all ways, takes more work. Standalone is very quiet, but offers no advantage over the 2208. SIP is really why you'd go 2130, and it has to be physically configured differently depending on use. It lacks Stealthchop 2, but with this board, that's not really why you'd get it. The wiring is a bit of a chore, but easy to do following the guides on Teaching Tech. If you've installed a car stereo, you can do this.

Sensorless homing/obstacle detection are pretty awesome, and I feel well worth the extra effort. If I ever get paid to do this, I would want that reliability. If nothing else, it seems worth it just to save a print or two.

Oh yeah! The 2209 was recently released, so we'll just see what to do here. I'm definitely getting the board...{edit} Ok, so I'm going 2209. It's the upgraded 2208, and handles more power. It supports sensorless homing via UART, and it's a lot easier to physically set up than the 2130, especially on this board.

The 5160 was also introduced alongside the 2209. It diverts a bit from the hobbyist market, providing up to 20 amps for giant motors (2208 = 1.4, 2209 = 2.0). The price reflects that, at almost twice the 2209. That said, most of us would probably never have to buy drivers again! The more realistic advantage at this scale is that they run super-cool. The 2209 still has Stealthchop 2, and should run cooler than the 2208. With the sensorless detection, I'm sold, as I'm sure many others will be.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps someone.

Sorry guys for very late reply. Family, work, vacations etc took time...

So, here are functional (for me) conf files for SKR 1.3.
I recommend to use MS Visual Studio with PlatfromIO to compile and upload firmware to printer, it is much easier and bug detection work great.
You HAVE to change conf files for your driver types, steps and motor directions, I will not explain how, there are a bunch tutorials how to do it.
Same for PlatformIO, where you have to configure it for this board/processor type, but if you have same drivers like, mine (see post above) you are good to go with.
It is really easy to configure PlatformIO, e.g. Chris has very nice explained here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duNHOPlh2Pg

Try it, learn it and enjoy your work!

Wow. That was Great . Just got my skr v1.3 and 4 lv8729. I am really confuse right now. I have anycubic linear plus. And there are nothing on the web about how to configure this skr board. How to change the microstep. How to properly insert the lv8729 driver. And the config from bigtreetech doesnt have delta setting. Could you help me on building this board? Thanks im advance

Could you upload your version of configured marlin 2.0? And give some instruction please

Nice prints. The BigTreeTech SKR v1.3 board does work well. I'm using it with TMC2208 stepper drivers. A bit tricky to set-up at first and Marlin 2.0 is at the bleeding edge with SKR 1.3 + TMC2208 combo. Haven't activated the Linear Advance function yet.

To get the part cooling and hotend cooling fans to work at the same time, you have to use the 2nd Hotend Heater power pin 2.4. SKR v1.3 board pin config file already has pin 2.4 set-up for the hotend cooling fan (if not using a 2nd Hotend). Just have to activate it in the configuration_adv.h file

uncomment and edit the #define E0_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1 to


Note in pins_BIGTREE_SKR_V1.3.h

FAN1_PIN = P2_04 (Hotend Cooling Fan Pin 2.4)
FAN_PIN = P2_03 (Part Cooling Fan Pin 2.3)

Thank you! Very interesting!
Do you plan to buy a TFT touch screen?

waiting for your next posts about this upgrade.

Nop, I do not see any advantage with TFT, except it is eye candy... I have Lerdge X with HiRes TFT, it is great and all but if you have well configured and leveled printer, all you need is to click on Print from SD card and finished...

I have no idea what administration has done here...

Here is the old thread ( I do not know why is deleted), screenshot in atachment and some previous test runs: