Anycbic Kossel Linear Plus and Marlin 2.0.0 problem

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Hey guys and gals. I upgraded my FW to Marlin 2.0.0 (https://www.lpomykal.cz/kossel-marlin-firmware/), but there is a small problem. When I abort the print from Cura the printer starts homing the rod pairs individually and not at the same time. If I wouldn't shut down the printer the rod pair or the carrier would crash to one of the aluminium extrusions. Any idea why this is happening? Also, I downloaded the original FW, but adjusting the Z offset doesn't change anything, so I'm kind of stuck. And grumpy.

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Thank you for your reply. And thank you for the files as well. Does this FW have some kind of guide online? I ran to some problems already with bed levelling. Printer only does one probe, says something like 'stove z' a freezes.

Did you reset settings? ("Reset EEPROM" from "Delta settings")
Can you write full message from screen?

Question? Do you reset the EEPROM before you send the FW or after the FW is sent?

Hi. I reseted EEPROM and I think that did the trick. It was either that or I did something else wrong the last time. Thank you for the files, they helped a lot!