Help replacing the RODS

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Hello Kossel community. You are my only hope.
I bought this old used kossel a while ago, and after buying realized that one of the rods is damaged

my kossel has linear rails,
and I am trying to find some replacement rods to buy.

what is the real size of the rods?
i measured around 267 cm,
but in aliexpress I find only 220, 250 and 270 rods

nevermind that mine has 267 mm rod lenght,
what is the real, rod lenght for an out of box Anycubic Kossel?

If anyone would also indicate any facebook group or telegram or whatsapp group, for kossel owners
i would be really thankful too!
the problem is that the community of Kossel users seems to be really small, so . no much information online about it

Mine are also 267 mm. If I had that issue I'd go for the 270 mm rods and set the new lenght in the firmware.

Thanks for the reply bro.
it seems to me that the Kossel Community is a little bit dead.
idk, Why so little members in this community? does anyone know any telegram or whatsapp or facebook group which is active, around Anycubic Kossel?

Well the AKL+ was a rather mid/low-end printer, I wouldn't say it was too popular either. Kossels in general are for people who know what they are getting into, considering their complexity (compared to the cartesian printers). I assume that most of the owners either gave up and/or moved to different machines.

You can join the prusa discord, as they have sections for all kinds of printers and a lot of people that can give you hints. I assume there are general 3d printer groups in the social media too, but I'm not using such.

Yeah. I am almost giving mine up either lol. I noticed that most people (on youtube videos) with a Kossel currently are in Russia. this is my second printer, and the first Carthesian one. But i almost regreted of it already

Don't give up.
I have a KL+ and I love it, it is so much faster than carthesians.
Fortunately my rods are perfect, but some time ago I was looking for replacements and found useful information on the official Anycubic website in Aliexpress.