Printing about 2mm larger on xy only

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hi everyone, I can't find if anyone else has had this problem. I updated my linear plus to marlin 2.0 can't remember the version using the firmware that everybody seems to be using by lukas pomykal. edited it to make sure it works with my printer. My z height is good on prints but my x and y measurements are off by about 2mm. remeasured the rods to make sure, and edited the XYZ skew to make sure that wasn't the issue. tightened the belts(I haven't replaced them yet, but that's my next step). haven't checked stepping but figured that should be good or it wouldn't get the height right. I am not sure what else to check. any help would be appreciated. I know its not much but I want to make stuff that's might need tighter tolerances. using standard pla so shouldn't be a warping issue.

Hi, its the diagonal rod length that determines the X and Y scaling. There is actually a formula for working out the values, based on the demand size to actual size ratio. I'd pick a model bigger than a 20mm cube as other factors can affect the dimensions such as wall thickness and the "Elephant foot" on first layers. something like 100mm x 100mm test piece. The diagonal rod should be measured centre to centre of the eye bolts.

thanks It wasnt just the diagonal rods it was a couple other measurments that were off by a slight bit. not by much but enough to throw it off. prints so far are exactly on spec. thanks for the help. anyone using the firmware file should definatly recheck all your measurments.