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Failed prints - My top 5 fails

by Antharon

After first bottle of resin I have some points about failed prints for you. So how can your print fail and how to solve the problem.

1, I have found first couple layers stuck on the bottom of a vat - this is the most often problem that happened to me. It appears usually after failed print. Your calibration is off a bit and your first layer is not aligned correctly and it peels off. Your calibration can become disaligned usually then buildplate is not thightened enough and you are removing item from it, or maybe there is a piece of cured resin on the bottom of your vat from previous fail, that you did not scoop out. Recalibrate and try again. Also clean your vat and recalibrate after each failed print.

2, unfinished part of print is stuck on the bottom of vat - this is pretty similar to first case, but cause is completly different. In DLP printing your print is holding on the top of buildplate by suction force. This force is usually enough to hold your print up. But if total area of layer printed is bigger than area of first layer, it can happen, that this suction on the bottom vat is stronger and your print will get torn off. From now last layer wil be cured again an again. best method to fix this problem is rotate your print and print in angle. If you have long straight smooth surfaces and you do not want lines on them, print them perpendicular to buildplate. use supports and raft, that is bigger than your model if necessary. In this case supports should be sturdy enough to hold your print.

3, raft is stuck on buildplate, part of model is stuck on vat - this happens when your upport are not strong enough to overcome suction force from previous example. Add more suppports, use some heavy supports if there is space where they can be easily removed.

4, model is warped and shifted - your buildplate is not thightened enough and if got moved while printing. recalibrate and thighten it thoroughy

5, part of model is squashed and flat or missing - you have unsuported overhang. This should result in part being not printed at all and its projection stuck on bottom of vat, but sometimes printer manage to glue part back to model and separate it. Always support overhangs, especially "islands"

This is it, 5 mos usual non-technical printing fails with enycubic photon.

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Prints spreading across the horizontal

by barneey

Been using the Photon printer for a week now, managed to print of a couple of the test cubes on the USB stick.

Next I thought I would try and print a backplate for my Grainfather FV controller. I have previously printed this on my i3 Mega in PLA. Same STL file imported in Photon Workshop. However when the resin print had finished although the height was the same as the PLA print the width has increased dramatically. Any help appreciated. Many Thanks

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Please help Screen not working

by BaconZeke

I have been printing with my anycubic photon since august of last year, over time my prints started developing holes in them and I noticed the screen had black spots on it, so I bought a new screen. Now with the new one installed I did the UV light test and the test rectangle doesn't show up. Also I get a T_100 error when I try to print, I installed the latest firmware but still nothing. This is the second screen I bought and both did the same thing. Am I just unlucky and ended up buying too broken screens? I followed the installation video exactly, I guess I just want to know how it's supposed to be done and if I have to return this screen. Thank you any help is greatly appreciated.

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Newcomer to the printing scene

by MikkelangeloHD

So I have owned a anycubic photon a few days ago. I watched a lot of videos on how to get started. Downloaded chitubox before my printer arrived and found out how most things worked. Then my printer arrived and I found out chitubox doesn't produce the right file type for the new tech in the anycubic. So I'm stuck having to prepare a file in chitubox, then open it in the photon slicer. Not a big deal, but I have no idea what good print settings are for miniatures. Can someone help me out?

anycubic_photon help photon_workshop
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New Curing Box

by barneey

Made myself a curing station today, UV strip 395 to 405nm, 1 Asda Bin, 2 disks of MDF, a bit of tin foil & solar powered turntable.

Will see if improves curing times.

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