Slicer/print problems?

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Has anyone ever experienced an issue where a flat test print comes out where one side is completely right and one side is a jumbled mess?

I’m trying to print exposure tests (I’ve used the Phrozen XP tester and the “validation matrix” tests) to get the right exposure setting for my original Photon with Anycubic black standard resin. Tried slicing in Anycubic’s newest version of their slicer and in Lychee, and my prints have started coming out where the left half of the print comes out perfectly, but the right half is displaced and a tangled mess of cured resin. I’m running the updated (non-upgraded) firmware (sorry, I don’t remember the version number, I think it’s 2.19 or something and I’m not home to check) and the newest versions of both Lychee and Anycubic Studio. Just trying to figure out what’s going on and how to fix or avoid it in the future. Thanks!!

Edit: before the prints started failing I also noticed they were separating from the build plate at the edges of the print, and a little bit of delamination in the burn in layers. I’ve set to 6 layers at 120 seconds exposure per layer. I’ve discovered it “may” be a leveling issue, so I’ll check that out. If not, any advice to fix this, or should I even worry about it?

Edit 2: I’ve since attempted two more prints using the original version of Anycubic Studio that came with the machine in 2018. One was successful. The other did the same thing as the others, pictured in the attached file. Also now that I’m able to check, my system is Photon 5.5 and my firmware is version 2.19.3_LCD/1440x2560/F2.9.