Newbie Resin Printer - Failed Print - Suggestions?

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I've had an FDM for years, but recently I saw an Anycubic Photon Mono SQ for under a $100 and it was too good to pass up. I've generally been wary of resin printers because of the mess and clean up involved with them.

So I tried my first print - I wanted a 3.75" version of me to be in scale with the action figure line. On completion, the legs did not print, just from the knee up.

Do I just need to go in and add supports? Any other suggestions for what I might be doing wrong? Circled red area ended up not printing, and from waist on up, it's a good print. Maybe I need to just make a flat base that the heels connect to? Printing flat would speed up the print, but it seems that the general advice is printing at a 30-45 degree angle, which is what I tried here.

Regarding resin...I have a wash and cure station to try to help with the mess, but I found it really messy. So a few questions.
1) Pouring the resin back into it's original bottle was messy - do people use a different container with a larger mouth for this? The bottle wanted to fall over, so it was hard to grip the bottle and carefully dump the resin back into it. I'd like this step to be cleaner, so I'm searching for ideas.
2) I zapped some of the most "contaminated" pieces of clean up stuff in the wash and cure - am I good to trash this in the normal bin now? It seems very unclear to me when it is safe to touch or toss resin.
3) Can I just leave my 99% IPA in the wash container? Do I need to strain it/cure what was washed out of it every time? Or will it evaporate? (It has a sealed lid - this is the Wash and Cure 2.0...not sure if that is tight enough to just store the alcohol in, but again, dumping it back in the container seems like a sure fire way to lose a lot of it)

Any other tips to make cleanup and handling easier would be appreciated. I realized one mistake was I poured a 500g bottle of resin into the vat, basically hitting the "max" limit, and I needed no where near that much resin. So I think I can probably get away with pouring a lot less next time.

Sorry - for the questions - the print was amazing for what printed, but I'm curious not to repeat mistakes, so I'm trying to read up on anything I can find.


Thanks for the replies! So I got a successful print.

A few things I learned (for anyone reading this)
Mistake 1) You don't need to "fill" the resin vat. That made it unnecessarily complicated to move to drain. Second time around I filled it half way and it was more than enough still.
Mistake 2) It didn't print because of lack of supports. I tilted it from 35 -> 45 degrees, added a lot more supports at the base, and I lifted the model so that only the supports were touching the build platform instead of the heels.
Mistake 3) I tried to pour the resin back in with just the empty bottle standing there. I found a YouTube where the person put the resin bottle in a styrofoam hole, that itself was in a larger box. This helped steady the bottle a bit more.
Mistake 4) I didn't use a funnel - I tried to just use the filter to funnel the resin. The filters aren't structurally strong enough to do that easily and cleanly. Buy or print a funnel, and put the filter in the funnel.

For the second print, I didn't spill any resin, which I was pretty happy about.

My print was from a video of me that was turned into 3D - as such there was a lot of noise I had to clean up. One such piece of noise was a ton of just garbage polys floating around inside me. That was making the hollow procedure not work as well as it should have, and was using unnecessary resin to create structure inside I didn't care about. What a pain...

I'm still learning. Thanks for the links to the funnels and holders. I think I'm going to get some of those.

And no worries, I had Nitrile gloves, wore an N95 Respirator, used tons of paper towels...I think I'm going to get that cheap hand held UV light for quickly curing my "trash" so that I can confidently throw it away when I'm done without worrying I'm tossing a toxin out.

Final tip for any newbies like myself - get yourself the cheapest smallest resin container you can find for your first few prints, as you will likely waste a lot of it doing stupid things like the above mistakes. Experience really is the best teacher. I thought I had researched this enough that I knew what I was doing...but apparently not...

Q1: I have printed one of those vat drainers instead of using a funnel
Q2: Where i live, denaturated alcohol is much cheaper to buy. When i started resin printing i also used IPA but the resin stays dissolved in IPA. l doesnt stay dissolved in den. alc. but solidifies at the bottom of my washing container. This makes the washing fluid usable a lot longer.
Q3: Because the dissolved resin slowly solidifies and drops to the bottom if you use den. alcohol, you just need to carefully fill the cleared alcohol into another bottle and get rid of the solid stuff.

Anycubic Photon resin vat drainer
by ketukil

Yes, just go back in and hit the areas that failed with more supports, not a whole lot. Theres several vids on youtube on just this subject.

1: I use a funnel, but there are holders for just this on Amazon
2: DONT touch resin, get plastic gloves
3: You can reuse the IPA up to a point, when you see less action, dump and start fresh... again, dispose of carefully using gloves