G-code configuration of the tri-gorilla board on the predator

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trying to fine tune the parameters of the original board I got with the predator.

I got last week, and I need to resize the object output as mine are about 99.4% of the desired size.

So I started looking around and since I can't upload new firmware with tuned parameter I was considering upgrading to a new board.

But I found that you can actually change parameter with G-code on these board using the "chitu extensions" to gcode.

Anyway wanted to share this with you.

I was able to save the default config on my predator using the 'M8512 "Configuration file.gcode"' command.

I'm attaching it here for your reference (default-config.gcode) (I translated it the comment with google translate as they we're in Chinese).

I also found this file (Machine complete parameter D227_V1.4.0(20181220) - translate) in the firmware package on the anycubic site for the predator, but it's older then the code I'm running (see screen-info pic) V1.4.1RC12sm4E/P3

Anyone found a more recent firmware?

I'll be testing out some changes with the delta rod length to get 100% desired dimension.