All metal hot end heat break (throat)?

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Does anyone have suggestion what I could buy to replace the hot end heat break / throat from a PTFE through to an all-metal? I swapped this $2 piece on my Ender 3 to make it an all-metal hot end, but I can't really find anything fitting for the Predator. I would not bother to replace the whole shebang.

brba, I am so sorry for the delayed response. The Predator hot end is apparently a very close clone of the E3D V5 (not V6). E3D themselves may be able to provide a replacement, or you can search their site for the engineering drawings for almost all of their components.

Also, there is a very slight difference between the Predator hot end and the E3D V6, primarily between the diameter of the heatsink fins and the hot end heater block. A gentleman in Canada makes an adapter to to resolve the first issue, and a few minutes with a file resolves the second.

I am also looking for the same thing. Have you find it?

Check this link to the Anycubic Predator Users Group Page on FB concerning the same thing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2134289353555625/?post_id=2560939627557260.