Help!!! Need original Level_Test.gcode

Anycubic_Predator gcode Help sd_card

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Hello Everyone. I just recently got a Anycubic Predator which was working good however, the SD card it came with got corrupted and I lost all gcode files. I restored most of them but am missing the most important one. The Level_test.gcode. Which prints a test print of a target on the bed of the printer. If Anyone has a backup of that gcode. could you please shoot me a link so I can have it.

It is not that important. I searched but couldn't find it anymore. But you can take a look at this one for example and scale it up if you want.

Rostock Onyx Bed leveling Aid

So I have tried the stl files and sliced them. The prints are not coming out right. Reason why I wanted the original gcode file was to see what flavor gcode it is using to get my print correct

Here ya go Dude. Straight from the original SD card.

Thank you bud. I really appreciate it. Been looking for it for a long time.