Marlin or even 2.1 coming soon

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There will be major improvements in the next release of Marlin, particularly in heater control. The difference is astounding, and ADC errors that have plagued Marlin for years have finally been fixed. No. Really. Even better is a completely new heater control paradigm called MPC (Model Prediction Control), which makes PID obsolete, IMHO.

Hello, do you think Marlin 2.1 installation on a stock board is still reasonable? Thank you.

Yes. I am using the latest Marlin 2.1 bugfix on the stock Trigorilla-Pro, and can think of no reason to change the board.

Thanks for answer, waiting for a stable release!

Let me know whats the latest stable version with the predator that you are using if you are keeping up with the updates.

I've been updating almost daily as I've been doing a lot of testing for the new MPC temperature control in Marlin. I'm currently printing using today's bugfix, with further MPC patches applied by hand, although they are not necessary.

The next full release will be 2.1.0, and it should be quite soon.