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Marlin firmwares for Anycubic i3+

by ComicSans

I compiled the Marlin firmware versions up to 1.1.9 for the Anycubic printer and made them available via Github.


Feedback is appreciated :)

Anycubic_Prusa_i3 firmware_update marlin_firmware
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Double extruder

by Lordys1980

hi all I finaly got the time to install the dual extruder on the Anycubic.
but the biggest problem is getting the simplify configured to use it.

anyone didt the update already

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by Christizzz

I was wondering how to check the installed Marlin Version or Firmware ? How to Update ?

Using the Printer now for 2 days... experimenting with some cura profiles now... first prints were OK... now they are way better.... but still i guess modifying firmware will make it better....

Thank you

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Ultrabase + Leveling

by meredrica


I can't seem to get the base leveled and would be happy about tips.
The ultrabase seems to warp the H shaped frame when I tighten/loosen the leveling screws.
When I level one corner, move to the next and then move back, the leveling is off again.
This is so frustrating that I am considering either changing the H frame or selling the printer.


bed_leveling problem
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Fan touching filament on 1st layer

by AKNerd907

Anyone have an issue where the extruder fan sometimes touching the filament on the 1st layer of a brim/raft and messed it up?

Anycubic i3 prusa with ultrabase

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