Marlin firmwares for Anycubic i3+

by ComicSans

I compiled the Marlin firmware versions up to 1.1.9 for the Anycubic printer and made them available via Github.


Feedback is appreciated :)

Anycubic_Prusa_i3 firmware_update marlin_firmware
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Double extruder

by Lordys1980

hi all I finaly got the time to install the dual extruder on the Anycubic.
but the biggest problem is getting the simplify configured to use it.

anyone didt the update already

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by Christizzz

I was wondering how to check the installed Marlin Version or Firmware ? How to Update ?

Using the Printer now for 2 days... experimenting with some cura profiles now... first prints were OK... now they are way better.... but still i guess modifying firmware will make it better....

Thank you

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Ultrabase + Leveling

by meredrica


I can't seem to get the base leveled and would be happy about tips.
The ultrabase seems to warp the H shaped frame when I tighten/loosen the leveling screws.
When I level one corner, move to the next and then move back, the leveling is off again.
This is so frustrating that I am considering either changing the H frame or selling the printer.


bed_leveling problem
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Fan touching filament on 1st layer

by AKNerd907

Anyone have an issue where the extruder fan sometimes touching the filament on the 1st layer of a brim/raft and messed it up?

Anycubic i3 prusa with ultrabase

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Double Extrudeuse

by Lordys1980

Hi guys i want to update mine to a double Double MK8 Extrudeuse wil this work ?

im unable to find information about this

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Feeding filament issue

by Jonasty

Hi. I just received and installed my Prusa i3 DIY (ultrabase version) and got everything done until the final step: feeding the filament. I have been trying for an hour to get the filament in but it just doesn't seem to get in. I find it very hard to press the spring switch as there is no support, almost all my fingers are hurting from putting pressure.
Is it best to keep the screw tight in it or very loose? How far do you need to push it down to get the filament in? Any other tactics to push down the spring?
Extra info: I got the nozzle preheating at 200 celcius, I am using the filament that was included and I have cut off some pieces when they were bent.

Anycubic_Prusa_i3 filament MK8
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Anycubic Prusa i3 Settings

by Tompek

Hey Guys,

I am having this printer for quite a while now (should be 2 years now)
I am rellatively happy with the Printer.

At the start i had a lot of problems... biggest problem was random layer shifting.
I think i Found the problem in the X/Y Movement Speed, Infills were way to fast and a lot of vibration in the printer.

Usually i always adjust my settings and profiles for every print if something doesn't look that good.
Every few Weeks i Reset the Profile, cause the many Adjusment lower the quality bit for bit.

Biggest Problem still is Random Layer Shifting.
Anyone also having this big problem ?

Also im Asking and thats the Main thin i want to discuss here.
Is there a Plattform where we could exchange our Profile and Printer Settings to share the settings if somebody cracked the code *hehe

BTW: I am using Simplify 3D and i am Printing only ABS at the Moment with the new Anycubic Heatbed

3d_printer Anycubic Anycubic_Prusa_i3 layer_shift layer_shifting problem profiles random settings
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Changing fans

by Christizzz


So i want to make the printer a bit silent...
I printed an adapter for a40mm noctua fan and i installed it on the board instead of the old fan ( which was really loud... I also installed a noctua for the extruder... not only the PSU fan is remaining... is it possible to change it ? if yes what do you suggest a really quiet an efficient fan ?


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