Marlin firmwares for Anycubic i3+

Anycubic_Prusa_i3 firmware_update marlin_firmware

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I compiled the Marlin firmware versions up to 1.1.9 for the Anycubic printer and made them available via Github.


Feedback is appreciated :)

Thank you for your configuration. I was now able to compile a version which is compatible with a stock anycubic i3+ from 2018.

I had some troubles with the mainboard fan which was not defined. CONTROLLER_FAN_PIN was set to 7. But that's normal because i used Mainboard BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFB and there is no mainboard included.
Also the extruder fan needed some configuration. So E0_AUTO_FAN_PIN was set to 44.

My config is shown in this picture. I split the options in required and optional.

Hi, mad2xlc - thank you for your comment!

Is it possible, Anycubic updated the board for newer i3+ models? I'm sure, I have RAMPS_13. Currently I don't have access to that printer so I can't check. If you want you can create a pull request over at github so I can merge your configuration into the repository.

While I first wrote another comment, I agree with you, that I should elaborate a bit more on this.

The firmware is for owners of the Anycubic i3 XL. I try to provide a running marlin firmware for the latest versions. I found several configurations on the web and none did work out of the box. I try to solve this with this repository. It is for users that don't want to compile the firmware or don't know how that works. I try to provide sane default values for the printer (like manual bed leveling as there isn't a sensor by default).

I am pretty sure that the MEGA firmwares won't work as expected. I do not know the detailed specification of the MEGA - and while i3 clones are pretty similar, I doubt they are interchangeable that easily.

Hello @ComicSans

Maybe my bad but I never heard of Anycubic i3 XL nor Anycubic site list such mode

Can you please point me out to printer that you are reffering ?

It's hidden here at the bottom: http://www.anycubic3d.com/support.html - but still available on Amazon or Chinese websites.

Thanks. Now this is %100 clear :)

I think i3+ is the correct name for this printer. Maybe I will give your configuration a try. I'm still on stock firmware and want to change.

Hello @ComicSans

Maybe my bad but I never heard Anycubic i3 XL nor listed on Anycubic site.

Can you point me out the printer model that you are referring to ?

Thank you very much for your feedback. Do you have links for the correct printer model, too?

These are all compatible with Anycubic i3 Mega Ultrabase or so called v3 with (8bit Gorilla Board )

The mega has another controller board, another lcd and different dimensions. If you consider this compatible enough for your use case, you may as well use any other firmware.

Hi tnx for the file im going to test it but im working on a upgrade on the anycubic 3i so need to adjust some file the biggest problem is to get the double extrusions working an configed in the slicer programms

its looking promesing and E0 iw working E1 is working to but need to be able to calculate the second extruder