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DCMA Takedown

by gsargent

Just a little heads up that my object I created for the community https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2220273 just got taken down by a DCMA request from a company called Krazy Kabs. Don't know if they actually own the rights to the Coleco tabletop arcade units from the 80's or if they are just going to steal my design and sell it for themselves. Either way it appears to be gone now. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Happy printing!

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Any other collectors out there?

by smokeandlights

I'm an arcade and pinball machine collector. I currently own 7 arcade cabinets, 2 pinball machines, and a few other gameroom type games. I am excited to see some 3D printing working it's way into prototyping pinball machines now, and I think that it will help pinball design become more accessible. Personally, I am not that into MAME, but I think it has a very important purpose. I would like to see more rare parts modeled, as the supply of vintage parts is drying up, and some things are very hard to come by.

Is anybody else on here a collector? What ideas do you have to bring the worlds of the arcade and 3D printing together?

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Revenge from Mars Saucers and Martians (aliens)

by hemtoni

I am looking for the saucers from the pinball machine "Revenge from Mars". And if possible the martian (Aliens).


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Starting a new project!

by Big-E

Hey all, long time, no post!

I am starting a new project that has been on the back burner for a while; I plan to share progress on it as I go, and provide the part files when it's complete: I am building an Atari-style Yoke!

As it's base, I am using the same method as the project in this link:

I was at the local goodwill store, and found the exact same wheel he used, a Logitech Wingman Formula GP, in perfect condition, for only $5!
Tested it, and it's in perfect working order. I already have a force feedback driving setup for racing games.

I will be doing a similar mod to this new wheel, but the handles, gearing, buttons, and center hub enclosure will all be 3D printed. Steel tubing and bronze bushings will be used for the y-axis, as well as assorted fasteners. My intention is to produce a "kit" that can be printed to convert one of these wheels (or some other wheels, with slight modification of the parts) into a working Atari Yoke.

The final design has the following goals:

can be clamped to the control panel, and removed when not in use.
option to use the factory pots, or use more robust "aftermarket" pots
Spring loading with the original torsion springs from the pedals for the Y axis
3 way locking y axis (unlocked for games like Star Wars, partially locked for games like Stun Runner, and completely locked for games like Road Blasters)

If I'm leaving any ideas out for features you'd like to see, post them in this thread, and I'll try to incorporate them. Thanks!

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3D pinball

by 3rdaxis

Hey guys just want to introduce myself. I love 3d printing and modeling as well as pinball.
I have a few machines allready acurately modeled top to bottom and just got a 3d printer so i've been busy:)

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