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Ramps 1.4 not working with power supply

by TheJadeRabbit

I bought an Arduino mega with the Ramps 1.4 shield, a 12v 30A power supply, and some endstops for a homemade 3d printer. I got this working with the same power supply and board before, but when I plugged the endstop into the board in the right direction and clicked on, nothing happened, I have motors with timing belts as well. I flipped it around, it's a 3-pin connection, and clicked it again. This time the LCD turned off and everything stopped working. When I plug it into my laptop the LCD works and the LED's on the boards turn on. When I plug it back into the power supply the only thing that works it the nozzle fan, no LED's on the board. I checked everything and nothing is burnt out, disconnected or has bad solder and no fuse was broken. The power supply looks fine from the inside and is still supplying 12v. What am I missing?

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Smart Outlet

by Directhacker

So I have been working on a small project to make a home kit compatible smart outlet. I have it working fine, but I want to simplify the design. What I need are the prongs that plug into the wall outlet. I'll attach photos of what I have now. It is a USB charger block that I took apart. If anyone knows what I can use to replace this and where to buy it, please let me know. Thanks.

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Need Strong Motor suggestion

by 1stDegreeRobotBuilder

My 11 year old..who knows coding arduino..and I are building this larger robot.. base is 13 inch by 14 inch..wheels are just under 7inch..90% 3d printed body..we are trying to finalize the drive chassis before moving onto the body.. I have these 200 RPM worm gear Motors..12v DC.. they have good speed but very poor torque. This will be a robot for outside also..so im looking for something a lil stronger. is going to weigh maybe 5-6 pounds when complete. i dont want to buy 20 motors.. and find out none work.. it must be able to carry the weight of the robot plus a bigger battery the motors and drive system i designed are in the linked video below. any suggestions or steer me in the right direction is greatly appreciated..by me (Buck) and my Boy (hunter)


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by Coolcrawler_

Hi, I want to make a full body 3D scanning setup like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1185566. I like this one but it seems to complicated for something that should only need an Arduino Uno or NANO. I already have a motorized lazy susan for a person to go on.

I have looked on Youtube for inspiration and have found motorized camera sliders; but I want limit switches on each side (for peace of mind) and I don't need anything fancy like a pinchwheel encoder or LCD screen, just a single button to make it go up slowly, hit the top limit switch, go back down and hit the lower limit switch. I want the whole thing to be powered by a NEMA 17 stepper motor. I just need someone to code and tell me all of the parts needed. It is basically one axis of a 3D printer, I guess.

So if anyone could help, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Kinect Body Scanner
by ALassy
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Help with a personal project

by scruffyhere

So me and my dad got a 3D printer, me being completely new to it where my dad has a little experience with how it works. I'm learning as we move on. Anywho, we have a Anet A8 stock firmware printer and I've learned a lot from it
Then the Arduino based projects came along such as eggbot, 3D scanner, penPlotter. But those are just download the files and upload and boom you're done.

Now I wanted some help in a project I'm working on to not only improve my learning about arduino but also to learn how to help my father in some of his future projects as well. PS, non of those arduino projects worked out correctly except penPlotter.

Anywho, so I came across https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2865395
I went ahead and printed it all and its just sitting there now.
Along side it I printed these as well:
So from reading the description, an Arduino Uno was used as well as a bluetooth module and looking around my house I have both of those and wanted to know is there any possible way I could complete this project? using an arduino uno instead of a zero delay encoder? I only ask that because I dont want to order anything online and they don't sell anything like that in my country.

For the key switches I have an old Razer Blackwidow mechanical keyboard and I think I am about to remove the keys from there with the help of my dad and use the caps and push buttons printed for these switches and now the real quick and big help I need is the assemble. I can't find anything anywhere and I'm just curious what can I possibly do, can I get any help from the community?

Feel free to contact me about any help or suggestion or if my work is wrong and I should consider a different path. I will be checking my messages on a daily basis

Thank you all so much

Cherry MX 10 Button Fight/Arcade Controller
by pdien
Arcade push button as cherry MX keycap
by gcb
arcade pushbutton housing for cherry MX, non standard, V1.0
by gcb
Cherry MX Keycap
by Zinko55
Anet_A8 arcade arcade_joystick arcade_stick Arduino_Uno cherrymx cherry_MX Fightstick mx_cherry
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