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Hunting down a head

by jedimasta

I was randomly browsing the board last week when I came across a user who'd created an animatronic head framework with multiple articulation points. I left the tab open, but an untimely windows update and consequent cache clearing has left my searching for it again. I've run a bunch of varied searched and still can't find what I'm looking for.

There were a couple of defining characteristics: the base mouth had an array of mounting holes. The jaw could articulate in two different places to create frowns or smiles. The user linked to a video if the whole thing singing, I'm pretty sure by way of an Arduino (which is why I posted in here) Old Macdonald's farm, though I can't be sure. I've done a few searches on youtube as well and didn't find what I was looking for.

Has anyone seen this around, maybe saved the link somewhere? Could you link it? I'd really love to adapt the framework to my project but I can't seem to find the dern thing.


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Replacing Capacitor.

by Pyroclasmx

While removing a cable from my printer a capacitor that was glued to the cable came off. It is a 100uF 35v cap. Can I replace this with any matching cap without issue?

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Arduino on Linux?

by IamSand

I'm trying to use arduino on my linux computer. It opens up fine, but i can't get it to talk to my board. Any ideas?

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Arduino Nano Case for Flying Fish MQ Boards a. 0.96 OLED Display

by SolarGermany

I made a Case for one of my Projects to fit a Arduino Nano, a Flying Fish MQ-Board, and a 0.96 inch (128x64) Display in one Housing.


Have Fun


Arduino Nano Housing for Flying Fish Sensors and 0.96 OLED Display
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Adding a potentiometer to a stepper sketch to control speed

by DaveM1970

Hi all. Wondering if someone can help. I'm making a telescope motorised focuser using an arduino nano, stepper motor, easydriver & an arduino joystick.

I have it all working the way I want almost (joystick controls, cw/ccw of motor & the joystick seitch controls the speed of the motor (slow, medium & fast).

However, I've noticed that because I'm not near the telescope, I can't tell what state/speed the motor is currently running at. each click of the switch changes the speed but with no visual reference I'm struggling.

My idea is to us a pot, so I can control the speed (slow/med/fast) based on what position the pot is at (left = slow, middle = medium, right = fast). My sketch is below but not sure how to change the joy switch to a pot in the code.

Any help greatly appreciated.


//Stepper control with Joystick. Coils disable when Joystick centred 24-12-17

define step_pin 9 // Pin 9 connected to Steps pin on EasyDriver

define dir_pin 8 // Pin 8 connected to Direction pin

define MS1 10 // Pin 10 connected to MS1 pin

define MS2 11 // Pin 11 connected to MS2 pin

define MENABLE 6 // Pin 6 connected to ENABLE pin

define X_pin A0 // Pin A0 connected to joystick x axis

define Joy_switch 4 // Pin 4 connected to joystick switch

int step_speed = 30; // Speed of Stepper motor (higher = slower)

void setup() {
pinMode(MS1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(MS2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(dir_pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(step_pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(Joy_switch, INPUT_PULLUP);

/ Configure type of Steps on EasyDriver:
// MS1 MS2
// LOW LOW = Full Step //
// HIGH LOW = Half Step //
// LOW HIGH = A quarter of Step //
// HIGH HIGH = An eighth of Step //

digitalWrite(MS1, LOW); // Configures to Full Steps
digitalWrite(MS2, LOW); // Configures to Full Steps

void loop() {
if (!digitalRead(Joy_switch)) { // If Joystick switch is clicked
delay(500); // delay for deboucing
switch (step_speed) { // check current value of step_speed and change it
case 1:
step_speed = 10; // medium speed
case 10:
step_speed = 30; // slow speed
case 30:
step_speed = 1; // fast speed

if (analogRead(X_pin) > 712) { // If joystick is moved Left

digitalWrite(dir_pin, HIGH);  // (HIGH = anti-clockwise / LOW = clockwise)
digitalWrite(step_pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(step_pin, LOW);


if (analogRead(X_pin) < 312) { // If joystick is moved right

digitalWrite(dir_pin, LOW);  // (HIGH = anti-clockwise / LOW = clockwise)
digitalWrite(step_pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(step_pin, LOW);


if (analogRead (X_pin) > 320 && analogRead (X_pin) < 700) { // If joystick is centred - being 526

digitalWrite(MENABLE, HIGH); //Pull Enable Pin High

else digitalWrite(MENABLE, LOW); //Pull Enable Pin Low

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