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How to avoid pulldown resistors?

by Michaelwu21

I'm trying to send a digital signal from a raspberry pi or 3D printer board ---> an arduino nano.
However, when the GPIO pin is low, the arduino is just reading floating inputs, and I can't use the internal pullup resistors, as it would always read high then, and I don't believe it's possible for a GPIO pin to send gnd.

What can I do to avoid using the pulldown resistors, as I have limited room and a bunch of inputs = lots of pulldown resistors = messy wiring.

Maybe there's a better way to send a digital signal between the 2 devices? I want to avoid serial as it's a PITA to encode, send, and decode.

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Anyone running Marlin on modded Anet A6 with Ramps/Arduino Mega?

by daspunner

Anyone running Arduino Mega/Ramps on Anet A6? I am a noob who want read up on the software part. Especially Marlin/ramps conversion. As I have understood it's really similar for most printers and some certain parameters change depending on printer.


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Uploading hex file to an arduino nano

by Michaelwu21

Trying to use the universal panel adapter from smoothie, but those guys seemed to be too lazy to upload the .ino file for the lcd I want(they did for the other), and only uploaded a hex file.

From what I've seen, the best way to upload it is via xloader, but the site is down and turns up as "Not Found"- apparently it went down 8 days ago. Does anyone have xloader that they wouldn't mind to share with me, or is there an alternative way to upload a hex file.

I've tried using avrdude on both windows and mac with no success. I run the same command the arduino ide runs, but it gives me a syntax error for avrdude.conf at line 355. I've checked that line, there's no syntax error there. Tried replacing the .conf file with the latest from the official avrdude download site, but same exact error. At first the error had to do with having a space in the directory("Program Files"), but moving the files to a location with no space fixed it, but got me the .conf error at line 355.

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arduino.exe needs java run time

by mswrites

sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. how come.When it does i'm lost
how can i get around this?

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Arduino Serial Keyboard

by 3D_Maker_Cave


the last few days I was building a little and very helpful shortcut keyboard which can press keys or start a program. It was all built out of a USB Mechanical Numpad, an Arduino and a 3D Printed Case. If you are Interested in this project you can visit my website for more Information.
My website : 3D-Maker-Cave.tk
My Thing : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2778096

I Hope you like my Project and you check out my others.

  • Floyd
Arduino Serial Keyboard
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