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Arduino newbi Destiny Ghost Project

by Milkdud

I'm very new to this, but I want to make an animated (life like) ghost from the game Destiny 2 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:747305 (this is not the actual ghost ill be using just demonstration as to what the ghost looks like).Things I want are a blue led that fades, a servo for movement of the back of the ghost, and Bluetooth speaker for it to speak. I also want it to all be powered by a sliding on/off switch just don't know what the layout should be for the wiring. So far I got the components for the fading LEDs, which is in the pictures/video. I'm waiting for my other supplies in the mail!
Any and all help is appreciated!

LARGE Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model, LED Illuminated, no supports!
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Hole and pad size arduino nano ?

by windchime


What is pin hole and pad size arduino nano ?

Needed for a freecad library part.

I can not find it in the arduino docs.


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Destiny Ghost Animated

by Milkdud

So I printed a ghost from the game Destiny and wanted to give it realistic features like.. LEDS (for light in eye), movement, and speech. I bought a arduino pro mini because the space in the eye is limited. Also got a micro servo for movement and currently waiting for leds to come in the mail. for speech I could only think of taking apart a cheap bluetooth speaker. I need help with wiring or suggestions on how I should go about this project please and thank you!

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Servo or electromagnets

by mate1976

Hello, I recently found the Robox dual printer. It has an interesting rotary head. I wanted to use this type of head in the printer I build. Repositioning would be either servo or small electromagnets. Is it possible to put in the arduino code and then to the G code of the serva commissioning command or to switch on the relay that turns on the electromagnets.

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Arduino LED Diodes

by chrismunt2424

Can anyone advise me on how to use a Arduino Uno to make multiple LEDs chase in various patterns up to 200 LEDs

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