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Removing power from input pin takes 4 seconds to go low?

by DarkTerritory

Hi Folks

I am working on an Arduino project that changes a servo position depending on whether an input pin is energized or not.

When I apply 5v to pin A0 (working as a digital input) the arduino ntices the change immediately and the servo starts to move.

When I disconnect the power from pin A0, it takes between 3-4 seconds for the pin to go low and start the servo moving back.

I'd really like to have the pin react more quickly. Anything I can to to help this out? I have a pullup resistor on the power line to pin A0.


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Nano Hardware Hack to increase power to servos.

by MechEngineerMike

Hi everyone, hardware hacking question here. Should be simple but Im asking because the cost of failure is a burned up computer...but if this works this hack would be of use to other people driving servo powered robot arms.

I am driving hobby servos from an arduino nano breakout board & my application needs more current & voltage than the nano can pass.
So I want to pump up the 5v line by connecting it directly to Vin...The danger is passing >5v back to my computer via usb so I am trying to clip arduino pins to isolate it. Any tips of which pins to clip?

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melting usb

by gixerspeed

Hi guys not sure if this is the right place, but, I have tried three sets of 1.4 ramps sets. I plug in my power to ramps board and it seems ok, but when I plug in my usb it gets extremly hot, but usb plugged in without power on is fine. I am fed up because I cant see the problem, thanks in advance.

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Cool robot projects

by ljbrumfield

Whats some cool 3D printed robots that yall made with an arduino? I'm ready to expand my horizons.

arduino robot
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