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arduino lcd+stone hmi+max30100+display heart rate

by Jayli

arduino lcd+stone hmi+max30100+display heart rate

Some time ago, I found a heart rate sensor module MAX30100. This module can collect blood oxygen and heart rate data of users, which is also simple and convenient to use.
According to the data, I found that there are libraries of MAX30100 in the Arduino library files. That is to say, if I use the communication between Arduino and MAX30100, I can directly call the Arduino library files without having to rewrite the driver files. This is a good thing, so I bought the module of MAX30100.
I decided to use Arduino to verify the heart rate and blood oxygen collection function of MAX30100. With STONE TFT LCD screen for monitoring blood pressure.

arduino display hmi lcd screen stone tft touch
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Arduino IDE basic coding help PLEASE!

by JTShots

I recently just picked up a Nintendo Switch lite. I wanted to make an Animal Crossing channel but sadly there isn't a video out. I searched up ideas online to help me find ways to take video and I kept on getting the same thing. String 30 second clips together. So the switch lite can take 30 second clips, but you had to string them together to get something longer. Unfortunately I can't keep track of taking 30 second clips every 30 seconds while playing a game. So I had an idea. What if I use an arduino and a servo to every 30 seconds hit the button for 3 seconds. My idea was every 30 seconds it goes down 90 degrees, stays 3 seconds, retracts and repeats. I would greatly appreciate it if any of you could whip up this simple code, PLEASE!! If you have any questions I will get to them pretty soon.

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My Group

by 3D_printing_master

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my group here: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/robotics-electronics

Hope you like it!

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Maker Contest

by kadse

Hey, we're a maker community revolving around 3D Printing, Arduinos & other MCUs, SBCs and other related topics! Since everyone is at home and probably has plenty of free time on their hands now we're hosting a project contest!

Our current price pool contains a small amount of cash and an OrangePI, join the contest on Discord: https://discord.gg/hkWjdZF

You can submit both new and old projects, as long as they're selfmade in 4 categories:

  • 3D Printing / CNC Design
  • Blinky stuff
  • Nerdiest project
  • Undefined (For everything that doesn't fit into any other category)

Happy making & stay safe!

PS: This is not commercial, the prices are community-contributed and we're not monetizing this giveaway.

community contest discord giveaway
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Marlin 1.1.x bugfix on BQ Hepestos2

by Mastieb

hi Guys
, I am a relatively new 3D printing colleague and I have a problem with my BQ Hephestos 2.
Maybe someone can help me! You're welcome !
the printer itself works quite well, only the loud working noise and any lever problems make things a bit tedious!
so I gave the original BQ ZUM mega 3D board a new FW (Marlin 1.1.x bugfix 9.
everything works, only the LCD (BQ LCD Smart controller causes problems.
From time to time you can see parts of the correct symbols on the LCD, but this usually changes immediately after booting.
then you only see any characters or lines.
the LCD works with the original BQ FW 2.5.3.

PS. I am not a programmer and have traded high with tudorials etc. towards FW flashing with Arduino.

Ask for your support.

German would also be possible

Thanks for help

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