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How Can I Customize My 3D Printer's Bootscreen?

by 3DPDude


I have seen several places where people customized their printer's boot screens in Marlin (With text and/or a picture).

How do you do that?

I am using a RepRap Full Graphics Smart Controller with the Marlin 1.0x and a Rumba Board.

Thanks in advance!

Arduino Marlin marlin_firmware rumba rumba_board
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Create servo movements live with a web controller to Arduino

by megamikey

We released a movement (supports simultaneous movements for multiple servos) live recording and export support for Arduino and compatible controller boards.

We have created a web interface that allows to record multiple servo movements and upload the movement to an Arduino board.

Video shows how to record a robotic movement live and how to export it to an Arduino device.

If you are planning complex sequences for multiple servos for example quadruped movement, this is very useful. Or if you are planning and testing your device from ground up. The service is currently in beta and will continue to grow with more features.

arduino arm iot Raspberry_Pi robot servo
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Need some help on a project I am planning

by MarcusBremicker

The plan is to build a spooky radio. Connected to the arduino should be a pir sensor, two leds and a mp3 sd card shield. When the radio is in normal mode the two leds are on and it should play one track after another. When the pir sensor is triggered it should play one specific mp3 file which is not played normaly and the leds should start to flicker. After someplaying this track/effect it should go back to normal mode.
Every help is welcome.

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by cncjim4

What solder does everyone recommend, for general Arduino soldering?

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Plug and socket for DIY-Arduino Case (Male/Female connectors)

by Joshude

Hello there!

I want to design a case for a Arduino Nano which has multiple sockets for plugs built in. So the sockets are wired internally in the case and i than can just plug my plugs into them. This is because i have a relatively complex wiring on a project i just want to simpliyfy (well... sort of).
So my question is, what are the best sockets and plugs (i just need 4-pin, fortunatly) for building into a case?
They don't need to be water resistant.
Either glueing or screwing them onto the case is fine.

Thanks :)

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