by cncjim4

What solder does everyone recommend, for general Arduino soldering?

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Soldering Station?

by cncjim4

I have a small budget and would like to have a soldering station what do you people think of any of these they are all on Amazon
X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS
Aoyue 469 Variable Power
Yescom 937D

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Flashing an Anet A8 v1.5 motherboard,

by monkja03

Hello. I need help. I have an Anet A8 motherboard v1.5.I have the USBasp and the new board . I cannot get the
Arduino programmer, to unlock the com port. I also have a v1.7.7

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Data to graph and file from sensor

by cncjim4

I want to graph data form a vibration sensor and store the data to a file. Is using Tera Term or PLX DAQ the best and easiest way? Does anyone have any pointers or advice?

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Tweak IDE color Theme?

by SavageRodent

Hay guys
I recently installed IDE Dark Theme, but i want to change one small detail, which bugging me.
The bracket highlight is hiding the bracket it is highlighting (I said it was a small detail :) anyway so i want to change the color, but this doesn't seem to be an option nor can i seem to deactivate bracket highlight by setting its value to "false" or simply deleting it.

This is what i take to be the relevant bit of code from the attched .txt file:

bracket/brace highlighting

editor.brackethighlight = true
editor.brackethighlight.color = #006699

Any thoughts?

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why is frequency of neopixel signal faster than PWM of the Arduo

by SavageRodent

hay guys.

i was playing around with an oscilloscope and decided to compare the wavelength the neopixel data sinal with that of the PWM at, what i thought should be its highest possible frequency?

I'm using an arduino uno for the neopixel signal and a arduino nano to run the a sketch (see below) for the PWM. Both boards have 16Mhz clock speed so i assumed that wouldn't be a factor.
Anyway, as u can see in the picture the neopixel data sinal (blue line) is at a much higher frequency the the PWM (yelow line).

My question is, why is this?

//PWM code
void loop() {

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DIY Voice Intercom using WLAN

by TuxMan

I would like to build two devices to communicate within my own WLAN via speech based on Arduino, RasPi, ESP32 or similar. Does anyone know a project I could use? Any hint/link, etc. is welcome. I can design the housing, but my skill on the mentioned boards is not good enough to design the electronics myself.

An example for what I mean is this one:


But for my purpose it seems too complicated. I just want to make short calls like "Please come over for dinner" ... "Just give me another 5 minutes" … "Would be bad, dinner is already served" …. ;-)

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Bluetooth module for keychains?

by UncleJohn42

I'm modeling and printing custom keychains. I would like to be able to locate them with a smartphone. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Can't register SIM card on GSM Module (SIM800)

by abasel

I am using the following quickstart guide: https://www.ayomaonline.com/programming/quickstart-sim800-sim800l-with-arduino

I have tried different sim cards (confirming that they work by testing them in a mobile phone) but I cannot get them to register on the SIM800 module.

This is the module that I am using: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/SIM800L-V2-0-5V-Wireless-GSM-GPRS-MODULE-Quad-Band-W-Antenna-Cable-Cap/32877115526.html

The following are the AT commands and outputs:
+COPS: (3,"VODAFONE","voda NZ","53001"),,(0-4),(0-2)

+CFUN: 1

+CREG: 0,0

I have checked the power supply and and that the SIM is plugged in correctly. Any other ideas?


Arduino_Uno GSM sim800
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