Bluetooth module for keychains?

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I'm modeling and printing custom keychains. I would like to be able to locate them with a smartphone. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

mcfada's suggestion of imbedding a Tile in your keychains is the easiest and most practical solution. Outside of that you are delving into the realm of designing and assembling some very tiny components, unless your keychains are going to be fairly large.

And this is why concrete finishers join Arduino groups with smart people. Thanks guys! Perhaps I was naive in believing I could just implant a module into an item and have my smartphone recognize it... for under a buck!

Something like Tile? Under 10 bucks a piece when you buy several at once. Small enough you could integrate/hide them into the keychain. No point in re-inventing the wheel to make your own in my opinion

That is a fairly tall order. How must it communicate location? I am thinking GPS and bt, but even with bt the GPS is going to require a not so keychainish battery to run.

Next clever idea might be using bt to trigger a beeper and flashing led that you can then track down.

That's what I was looking to do. Press a button on my phone, play a sound byte, and trigger a light. Am I biting off more than I can chew here? I figured all the coding was already done in a smartphone, and the receiver would just need to be recognized