Tweak IDE color Theme?

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Hay guys
I recently installed IDE Dark Theme, but i want to change one small detail, which bugging me.
The bracket highlight is hiding the bracket it is highlighting (I said it was a small detail :) anyway so i want to change the color, but this doesn't seem to be an option nor can i seem to deactivate bracket highlight by setting its value to "false" or simply deleting it.

This is what i take to be the relevant bit of code from the attched .txt file:

bracket/brace highlighting

editor.brackethighlight = true
editor.brackethighlight.color = #006699

Any thoughts?

Learning to use an entirely new piece of software dose seem a rather drastic solution to minor cosmetic complaint :)

I'll consider what u guys have said, but at the moment i think the hassle of learning a new program outweighs the benefits.

What's there to learn unless you're not familiar with IDEs?

Sorry, I've just read that you have a years experience with arduino IDE. It's worth changing to atmel.

I used the ide for like 10years and was very familiar with it. The first project came along that required platform io, I installed with (with Atom). Now I really regret not making the switch to pio earlier... so much cleaner, prettier, more powerful, and generally much faster to go from concept to final code imho. The marlin wiki has a decent setup guide for pio... you should give it a play and see how it goes. It is all free so no loss other than the time to learn it. Also look at it this way... you get a default dark theme with no wierd issues (like invisible brackets), and you can use it to roll straight in to 32bit printing (not a matter of if, but when 8bit boards become obsolete... happened fast with drones recently).

Arduino IDE sucks. Make the switch to atmel studio 7 and you won't be looking back any time soon. What's not to love? Code completion, functions that you can shrink away from view and easily set themes. I too love the dark theme for my IDEs.

Check out this video about uploading using the preexisting bootloader. I mean, atmel makes the atmega series, who knows it better than them?

I forgot to add that it has an option to import arduino sketches and libs.

How did you manage to get Atmel Studio 7 to work? I've only had bad experiences with it, all from screenlag (had to run my cursor all over the screen to force pixel updates) to random crashes of program and even computer while using it?

I installed it is all. Have you updated your drivers recently?

all drivers up to date, reinstalled and everything, half the class is also struggling with the same problems...
When it worked it was quite nice to use, but I guess I'm just unlucky

How much RAM does your laptop have and what's the OS?

windows 10, i7 7700HQ, 16 gb ram, m.2 SSD, BIOS updated to the newest stable version, but it refuses to run smoothly on my laptop, guess I have bad luck